Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review & Giveaway: June Holidays Special Promotion- Underwater World Singapore + Island Cuisine Buffet

In a flash of an eye, the June holiday is half gone ! I hope this term break has been a fulfilling one for you ! So now, what comes next before our holiday plans ? After all the fun at the kids' camp, Sea Games carnival as well as the most recent Chinese Speech & Drama holiday programme, we managed to set aside today, just in time to visit Underwater World Singapore (UWS).

One thing about it, we will never get sick of visiting aquariums ! The last visit to UWS was before the opening of RWS SEA Aquarium, the crowd was always there and I remembered we would need to squeeze and nudged through the crowd to get near to the Touch Pool.

Two months ago, we visited RWS SEA Aquarium, there was a Touch Pool too but the queue is always "overwhelming" and snaking out of the cordon area. Personally I do not like crowded places especially on weekends. Usually, we would avoid the mall. Seriously, if you ask me how was today's trip ? I can honestly tell you that this time round at UWS, we did not have to jostle among crowd ! Here's my experience visiting UWS on a sunday morning.

We arrived promptly at 11 a.m to watch the dolphin show (Approximately about 20mins).  The staff will prompt you to the area to get the best view of the whole show. I did not really managed to capture much shots as I was on solo parenting duties that very day and also due to having one very excited toddler, who refused to be carried by my sister. She was really excited to watch the dolphins and the seals performed ! She really did gave her loudest cheers and applause for these adorable creatures plus not forgetting to land her excited jumps on me !

Pink Dolphin

Jumping seal
How about a stunt from me ?

Xav was as usual in his #EverythingAlsoMustTry mode ! I purchased a ticket at SGD 20 for him to get up-close and have a picture taken with it. I was taken aback when he just walked into the pool, with the water level almost reaching slightly below his waist level. I could tell that he really adored these creatures and he did not even mind getting wet to get up-close with them.    

Thereafter, we proceeded to tour the aquarium and got "stuck" at the Touch Pool for the longest time simply because there was no crowd at all. We got almost the whole pool to ourselves.
Just bear the following points in mind:
- Be gentle to the marine creatures by not pressing hard on them or shaking them when you are in touch with them.
- Do not bring them above the water.     


The children got to feel the baby sharks, stingrays, starfish and other fishes to their hearts' content. Do not fear that the stingrays at the Touch Pool may sting as all their barbs have been removed. I could even felt the blue spots on the stingrays as they glided along.     

Just next to the Touch Pool, was Magic T or they called it the Mystical Anti Gravity Interactive Concept Tank. It was designed in such a way that vacuum is created at the top of the tank, keeping the pressure at its low, thus water does not gush out from the opening ! How amazing !!      
Magic T

We found it so hilarious when the fishes gave a really loud "smooch" when they tried to eat the food held in our hands. To an extent,  I was worried that the fishes may just leaped out from the opening !


Both Xav and his cousin, filled the Dome Tank with their squeals and laughter ! Even I could not resist but to make my way into the dome with Vera strapped to the carrier !
Fun in Dome Tank with the swimming clown fishes 

I would assume that all most of us love to go onto the travellator that goes round the tunnel ! Watch those marine creatures swim above your head. If you do not mind, doing a bit of walking, you can always walk along the isle beside the travellator. We had almost the whole tunnel to ourselves with some other visitors, leisurely making at least 5 rounds before making our way out.

For me, convenience is the top priority when it comes to "hunting" for food after an outing with two kids in tow and sometimes for solo parenting days just like this Sunday morning. Island Cuisine is conveniently located right opposite the exit of UWS. It has a pretty wide selection of food, spicy and non spicy food, vegetarian and some steam food items. You can also help yourself to the free flow of ice cream ! And for this period, there is promotion at just $19.90/pax for this June Holidays! The usual entry to UWS is already $29.90/pax! I invited my sis and family along and paid for an additional ticket for my brother-in-law to join us, the deal is too good to be missed and we had a great family outing!   

The best part of it is, I am hosting a giveaway of not just one but for five lucky readers ! Three simple steps to join :
1. Leave a comment on THIS page, tell me who would you want to bring to UWS and what significance would the trip be to them.
2. Please log your entry on the Rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway , the winners will be picked via Rafflecopter.
3. Share this post on your Facebook Wall , tagging 3 friends "@friend A @friend B @friend C "Underwater World + Island Cuisine June Holiday Specials Giveaway by @Xavvy-licious" Remember to tag me in your post.

The contest runs until June 21st midnight, if you happen to win and want to bring MORE than 2 people, you are still in time to make use of the $19.90 offer !

Some points to note:
 - Redemption period for winners will be 3 months within receiving the tickets
 - Each winning ticket only permits a complimentary entry into UWS and a one-time buffet at Island Cuisine.
- Each winning ticket does not include the additional perks as stated in above poster.

*Terms & Conditions that I got to let you know about for this fantastic contest:

Promotion is only applicable to local residents of Singapore. (i.e. Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Holders of Employment Passes, work Permit or Dependent’s Pass)
  1. Promotion is valid for both adult and child.
  2. To qualify, visitors are required to produce relevant identification, subjected to one admission ticket per local ID.
  3. This promotion is not applicable with any ongoing promotions.
  4. This promotion is not applicable for group tours.
  5. This promotion is only valid for watching the dolphin show. Charges are applicable should invited visitors wish to participate in the dive or have contact with the dolphins.
  6. Point-of-exchange for promotion: Underwater World Singapore ticketing counter.
  7. Promotion is only valid for communicated date of visit
  8. Guest must retain and present this invite for entry.
  9. Guest must retain and present this invite to redeem buffet meal at Island Cuisine.
  10. Guest are only allowed to use this invite once.
  11. UWS reserves the right to refuse redemption, entry and/or participation if the above conditions are not fulfilled.
  12. UWS Shall not be liable for cancellation of any programmes due to wet weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  13. Island Cuisine will offer local delicacies in a buffet format daily from 11.30am – 3pm (Last seating: 2.30pm) and 5.30pm – 9pm (Last seating: 8.30pm).
  14. Island Cuisine is not a halal certified restaurant. Dishes do not contain pork/lard.
  15. UWS reserves the right to substitute the buffet meal with another item of equivalent value.
Please pardon the alighment of the pictures. I have been trying to align them for the past 30 mins but I still can't get the spacing right !

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Disclaimer : Thank you Underwater World Singapore for the invitation, we had a great morning! No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of my own.


preciouz said...

Spend one on one time with my girl

Jolin said...

I would love to bring my boys. They will love the touch pool. I hope they won't scare off the fishes there.

Jolin said...

I would love to bring my boys. They will love the touch pool. I hope they won't scare off the fishes there.

Kopi mummy said...

I would love to bring my boy ! He is sure to be excited !!

Jingxian said...

I will bring my mum as the last time we visit UWS was during my primary school days. A good chance to bring her for a revisit

Evelyn Hu said...

I would to bring my kids. They are always curious about marine life, esp so for my girl who loves dolphins. It would be a perfect opportunity to get upclose with marine life and dolphins of cos!

Keli Li said...

I never there . Wish to bring my boy who's birthday is this month. Hope this can be a birthday surprise .

catherine fong said...

After SEA aquarium open. We almost forgot about UWS. Hope to bring Bernice there to experience it again

clyruth said...

Would be great to bring my 3 boys as they have never been there before :)

Alexis said...

Bring my daughter!

Chasingmybluecheese said...

Love to go as my son loves animals

Anonymous said...

My son holiday pgm was on sea creatures. Hope to win n bring him there!

FB name: chengling
Email: huiling280@yahoo.com.sg

Anonymous said...

Such a long time nv went there.. hope to bring my family..
Fb Julie tan
Email tan_julie27@yahoo.com.sg

The Pretty Room said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Pretty Room said...

I'll Ike to bring my hubby and little one there as this would be our first time there together as a family. My gal hasn't see a real dolphin before so this will be a treat for her! The last time I was at UWS was when I brought my 5 or 6 YO nephew there for his birthday. How time flies; he's already 12!!

FB: Evelyn Jann Low

Khor Lee Ling said...

I will bring my 3 children to UWS and they will surely enjoy as they haven't been there before.
Khor Lee Ling

Siew Ling Lai said...

I will bring my 3yo boy to watch pink dolphin and touch cute sea creatures!

Fb name: Lai Siew Ling

Christine Ang said...

I would love to bring my three children to experience the mysterious sea creatures and an opportunity to come up close with the friendly dolphins!
FB: Ang Chris

Leong Yee Ming said...

I will bring my family there because we are sea creatures lovers.This will be a great and fun outing for all of us!

zoe said...

I would love to win this for a 3 generational outing with my parents and girl. She's turning 4, but has never been on many excursions with the 3 generations. This will be a treat and she'll feel too blessed!

bbwonderworld lee said...

Hope to win this go with my hubby and kids before school holiday ended, also on behind kids give the daddy surprise 🎁 for Father's Day.

Ser said...

I will like to bring my youngest daughter. Her 2 brothers had been to UWS but not her. I will enjoy this bonding session with her.

Elyn Chan said...

This is for My Sister who just went through a tough patch in Divorce and is feeling very depressed. She is raising her 2 kids on her own and struggling with her finances too. I know she loves marine world that are altogether unbelievably stunning and beautiful! I would like to bring my sister n her 2 kids aka my nieces to witness the majestic underwater world.

Sheenya said...

I certainly hope to bring my 10year old niece Melinda and 12 year old nephew Zachary to a trip in a submarine-style elevator to the depths of the ocean, where a glass ‘Ocean Tunnel’ walkway through a huge overhead tank enjoying a spectacle of different shark and fish species!! This will give ALL OF US an unforgettable view of life in a tropical ocean.

I'm also ecstatic to know that we can buy fish food to feed them n my younger ones will love the immersive experience at touch pools, something they can never learn in classrooms!

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