Thursday, May 7, 2015

Perfect half boiled eggs

Finally, I managed to get those perfect half boiled eggs, served from my own kitchen. Exactly just like what the slightly more atas kopitiams "Toastbox" or "Ya Kun" are serving, with thanks to this kawaii egg timer from Daiso. (Note : this is not a sponsored post but this aunty-me is checking out Daiso more often these days, so I thought it would be nice to share!)

Half boiled egg (Cooked with Egg Timer)

With my own shopping kakis and of course the power of social media sharing on Facebook pages, Daiso Fanatics Sg and We Love Daiso are pages where members shared products they bought from the stores. Sometimes, I do window shopping online by reading their post and then execute my shopping trip when I am available.

I used to use a timer to time when am cooking half boiled eggs. It took about 3.5 mins for eggs in room temperature to get to the texture as shown above. Most of the time, I do get undercooked egg whites. But now, I get perfect half boiled egg whites ! Simply just bring the water to boil, turn off the stove and put in the eggs (I used eggs from the fridge)

For a start, the indicator on the egg timer will be in pink. As it sits in the pot of boiling water, the indicator will gradually change from pink to white. If you notice that the indicator is white at the area where the word "SOFT" is.

I removed the eggs when the indicator turned white at the area between SOFT and MEDIUM (second line from the bottom).

And if you would like a hard boiled egg, wait for the pink indicators to change to white.
Indicator changes completely white for hard boiled eggs.

A very simple to use and affordable gadget. Happy hunting for this egg timer as it was sold out in most of the stores until they restock. If you can get hold of the barcode number, that would be easier for the staff to look for it. Happy shopping !

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Disclaimer : This is #notasponsored post. Just sharing of another great product that I bought.

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