Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Onion Omelette with Bak Kwa

When I was clearing my draft folder, trying to clear some #backlogs (some were as long as 2013 !!! ) I came upon this dish that I attempted to cook as one of the dishes. #Throwback

Recently, hands are really tight. Especially during school holidays, I get busier. I would rather go out for meals and as a result, my onions in the fridge started to grow roots ! What would you have done normally ? I don't throw into the bin but I threw into the pot so grow spring onions !! When it grew taller, just harvest it and it is really useful when in times I need spring onions as garnish or to cook an omelette in this sense.

Just nice that I bought a pack of Bak Kwa from the food fair. $15 for 500g if I did not remember wrongly. Hence, I cut into small pieces and top it on top of my omelette roll and secure it with a heart shaped pick !

Xav loves anything with Bak Kwa like me =D, no need to say much, the dish was wipe out as per norm ! How I love my supporters at home !

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