Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March'15 - Bento Boxes

This month, the number of bento boxes has been greatly reduced partly due to the one week holiday as well as some repetition from some previous bento boxes. For the past one week, it had been an emotional one for the nation and I believe some of us are still trying to recover from the "emptiness". Nevertheless, this is my Bento Box summary for the month of March '15.

#Bento Box 18 - Cinnamon French Toast Rolls

Week 9

#Bento Box 19 - Animal pasta with minced wagyu and broccoli

Week 10
#Bento Box 20 - Banana Pancake

This was the one of Xav's favourite, esp food with bananas. What was conversed between us, made my morning simple because my son praised me ! This matters to me ! This was how he praised me, kids will be kids, he's ever so easy to please just by feeding him with happy food !

Xav : Mummy, any recipe for your banana pancakes ?
Me : Nope.. I just thought about adding the banana slices into the batter.
Xav: See, that's what I called creative ! And can I request for more please to share with my classmate ? There is a girl who sometimes would like to eat food from my bento box. Of course his wish was granted.

And here I would love to share something, how about some tips on Happy Meals for the Busy, Hungry and Tired. Ruth has compiled some pretty useful lists and a free meal planner for all ! Happy reading. =)

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