Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Land of birds - Angry Bird Theme Park

We had visited The Little Big Club , Hello Kitty Land as well as LEGOLAND previously but I have yet to blog about it !! The last long weekend, we made an impromptu getaway to our neighbouring country just for makan and relax our mind.

This time we made a trip to the land of birds - Angry Birds activity Theme Park. It is located at Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC) , Level 3. It is connected to the Johor Bahru Immigration Checkpoint via a link bridge as well as to City Square Mall too. It is very accessible especially for families like us who do not own a car.

The big red bird welcomes you when you are walking towards the ticketing counter.

A souvenir shop welcomes you on the left.

Souvenir shop

Layout of Angry Bird Theme Park

There is a lounge to rest especially for parents who may feel like taking a break.

There is something for everyone. Let's start off for the little ones.

Red Bird Sona is a little math activity area. Kids will be posed simple math questions and all they need to do is to run to the correct number. Too young for it still, hence, Vera just circled and "danced" around the number circles.

Red Bird Sona

Captain Black Bird's Ship

Initially, we helped her down the slide.

Few attempts later, she decided to go on her own.

Beside Captain Black Bird's Ship, there is a mini ball pool area for the little toddlers.

Right at the back, behind Captain Black Bird's ship, was Cinemine. It is an area where you can sit down and watched the Angry Birds shows but I did not go in.

At the Balancing Bike Lagoon, these micro balancing bikes are made available for the little ones to stride up the slopes.

Mummy, just a pose ok ? I still can't balance !

Angry Birds Go! Kart Track was pretty fun. With the karts available in two sizes, smaller size for the younger ones and bigger size for the adults. For the older kids, they are in for some fun  !

Daddy and Vera shared a kart. This thing was not for me ! I got stuck several times somewhere in the middle of the track...

Next,  we made our way up to the Birds Nest Climbing Track which was a playground of larger scale with ropes and slides.

Pretty slippery though but there were friction tapes on the floor. Vera was happily hiding among the giant eggs !
On the Birds Nest Climbing Track, hiding herself among the huge giant eggs.

Dare to jump ? Come to the Space Drop Airbag ! It is not as high as the jetty jump which I did during my seamanship training back then. But I think this kind of freak me out after the first jump. I was not as brave as I thought to be. Possible reason was I think age has caught up on me. Nevertheless, we all had a try each.

Here, I come !

Landed safely

I skipped Red Bird Goal & Laser Bird Scoot as I was busy chasing Vera around.  Space Zone was next !

Excitedly, we went into the Space Zone.

Piggy Shooting Gallery

Fancy swinging yourself into a massive pool filled with foam cubes ? Try this at the Giant Leap Foam Pit !

Air Parkour Track leading to Giant Leap Foam Pit

Watch the Tarzens wanna be !


You will not be satisfied with just one swing ! Xav went for more !

Nope Vera could not swing for sure. But she had her fair share too ! Just "swim" among the foam cubes can be fun too.

Spinning Time Machine
Anti-gravity trampolines

Here's one for the 6 to 10 years old. Let's jump to our hearts content !

This was not as easy as it seems to be. Three steps was the max which I took to balance myself. Dear managed to complete it.

There was also a Laser Maze Spaceship but I did not went in with Vera. She was happily running around !

Because of my children, I get to be a child again =) Ended the day of fun with a "car" ride with Xav and Vera before we move on to fill our tummies !

Operation hours :
10 am to 10 pm daily

Points to note :
- Lockers are available to keep your barang barangs but you have to pay for the usage.
- Bring your own socks. Otherwise you can purchase a pair at RM 3.
- Tickets can be purchased online at angrybirdsactivitypark.my or at the ticket counter onsite.  
Address : KOMTAR JBCC, Level 3
Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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Disclaimer : This is NOT a sponsored post, just an impromptu decision to for a short getaway. =)

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