Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vaby Box - March 2015

Xav and Vera are in for some tasty treats from the March Vaby Box !

From the left :
Activkids Multivitamin Chocolate - It comes in milk chocolate flavour (no artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives) that children loves, contains vitamins and minerals which are the most essential for a child's normal development. Multivitamin helps complete children's unbalanced diets and Activkids has a range of yummy health supplements suitable for children 2 years and above.

Organix Goodies California Raisins Mini Box - Vera loves this and kept asking for more ! Coming straight from the organic grape vines  of California and dried naturally in the sun, no artificial additives or added sugar. Packed in a mini box, the kids can snack them on the GO !

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil (Face) - This can help improve skin textures, pigmentation and fine lines yet at the same time allowing skin to be more toned, firmer and brighter.

Biconi Baby Soap Bar (head to toe cleanser) - It contains essential oils to soothe baby's skin and reduce inflammation. With Biconi Noni Enzyme to ward off environmental damage and nourish skin from within, and virgin coconut oil to hydrate and protect from damage. Safe for the baby's skin yet tough enough to remove dirt.

Natracare Breathable Panty Liners - Soft, absorbent and breathable, shaped for the extraordinary comfort. The liners are made with certified organic cotton and totally chlorine-free, plant cellulose and plastic free, allowing our delicate skin to breathe and stay dry.

Complimentary in the box  :
- The brightly coloured Tidy Topper Multi-use pads. Ideal for use as a changing pad, burpclothe or cover or whichever creative ways you can come up with to use.
-Super Cool fever patchs

Moving forward to better improve Vaby Sg to make it more surprising and exciting when parents receive it, Vaby Box will be launch quarterly instead. Stay tuned for the next box in June 2015 !
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Disclaimer : I received a complimentary box from Vaby Sg for collaboration purposes. No monetary compensation is involved.

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