Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stir-fry beansprouts with fried gluten

Last night, we ate simple. It was one of the very rare days that I actually cooked tau-gay (aka beansprouts). Tau-gay reminded me of those sold at the Chap Chai Png (mix vegetable rice) stalls, plain and oily. Hardly will I want to order it, unless there is no other options.

I bought two packs of tau-gay with the ends already plucked off and a can of fried gluten in soy sauce.

1. I soaked three pieces of the dried mushroom and cut them into thin slices.
2. Washed, rinsed the tau-gays and set aside.

3. Heat up the pan with a little oil, pan fried the mushrooms first as they need longer time to be cooked.
4.  Add in the tau-gays and pour the whole can of fried gluten. I covered the pan and let it "simmer" for a while. (Note not to overcook the tau-gays)
5. Add a splash of cooking wine and a dash of chicken powder to taste  and you are all ready to serve.

Here's what you would need for the ingredients :
Tau-gay (Beansprouts)
Dried mushrooms
One can of fried Gluten in soy sauce
Cooking wine
Knorrs chicken powder
Shredded carrot if you want (Optional)

I would love it most if it's just plain beansprouts with salted fish and go with a bowl of plain porridge along side with some other simple fares.

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