Saturday, March 7, 2015

Feel #Momazing

My #Momazing moment ...... when Vera finally took her first baby steps at the age of 18 months ! Her development has been a bit slow compared to her peers, so I felt relieved yet elated at the same time when I witnessed her first baby steps towards independence !

For more than 140 years, Scott's has been well known among many generations of mothers. I fondly remembered that my mum gave me Scott's Emulsion when I was young ! Scott's Emulsion commercial (Chinese version) has left a deep impression in me and yes I'm still humming the tune to the kids at times !

Scott's Emulsion can help maintain and support kids' immunity, support their physical growth as well as cognitive wellness. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium Hypophosphite and Cod liver oil. All you need is just one tablespoon daily to keep their immunity going !

Enjoy this heart-warming #Momazing video clip from Scott's.

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