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Dental care starts with Aquafresh Kids products

If you think babies have no teeth and do not require dental care, then you are wrong. Right from the day they are born, their set of 20 primary teeth of which some may be already fully developed in their jaw. Dental care begins right at birth for both Xav and Vera.

Our dental care practices are as follow :
1. During babyhood, we will use a damp washcloth, swiped on their tongue to clean off the milk remains to prevent and clean away bad bacterial after their milk feed.

2. As soon as they started on semi-solids and solids, we make an effort to make sure we "brush" their teeth during shower time and before they go to bed.

3. No prolonged bottle sucking to sleep and no pacifier. By the age of 6 months, both are trained to drink from a straw bottle / cup.

4. I do not permit sweets and sugar drinks to be given to them at a young age. Xav started to take a little at after he turned 5 as I do not want him to feel deprived from it.

5. I do not allow them to snack in between meals. They are strictly on a 4 hourly meal routine. For instance :
8 am - Breakfast (Milk feed)
12 pm - Lunch (Solid)
4 pm - (Milk Feed)
8 pm - Dinner (Solid)

I do know some mummies will give biscuits for the little ones to snack on as tea break. But do note that if you do not rinse it off properly, the leftover plaque will proliferate germs on the teeth and in turn can turn the sugars into acids, which eat away at the enamel of the baby teeth. Offer alternatives like cucumber sticks instead of biscuits.

I hope the above 5 tips are useful, especially to the new moms. Recently, the school dental nurse had feedback with a positive report on Xav's dental checks. I was assured that his set of teeth is cavity free and still going strong !

And did I tell you that Xav used Aquafresh First Teeth Toothpaste too when he was a baby. As shown below was the old packaging.
Old version of Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste (Image credit to Aquafresh)

In May 2014, Aquafresh re-launched First Teeth baby toothpaste, still the same great product trusted by many parents but this time with a new look for the packaging.

Vera, too started using since she was 6 months old and of course this collaboration comes in just the right time for me to share with all of you that I totally trust Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste (suitable for 3 - 24 months)  for the little ones.

Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste and Milk Teeth toothbrush are specially designed by dental experts to gently care for precious first teeth – just for 0 years to 2 years old. It provides gentle cleaning with no abrasives, artificial colours or flavours. It is fluoride-free so it is safe to swallow* (*when used as directed). The natural apple-banana flavour also helps keep kids happy! Vera's smile tells it all !  

Happily brushing with Aquafresh Milk Teeth toothbrush (suitable for 0-2 years)

The only time she stops crying when I asked her to go for shower would be when I tell her "Vera, would you like to brush your teeth ?" and started waving the tooth brush at her. She will be on smiles again and I made brushing teeth more fun with the song :

"This is the way I brush my teeth,
  I brush my teeth , I brush my teeth,
 This is the way I brush my teeth,
  Early in the morning ! "

Now,Aquafresh expands it's toothpaste range beyond the babies !  In 2015, Aquafresh expanded the children’s range to cater to the needs for children of different age groups, it includes:
- Aquafresh Little Teeth products (3-5 years old)

Aquafresh Little Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to encourage healthy brushing habits and protect precious first teeth – just for kids 3 years to 5 years. Aquafresh Little Teeth toothpaste is a gentle cleaning fluoride toothpaste to care for those precious first teeth and helps permanent teeth come through healthy and strong.

Because getting new teeth is a big deal, Aquafresh My Big Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to protect mixed teeth while you begin to encourage them to look after their teeth for themselves – just for kids 6+ years.
Aquafresh My Big Teeth  is a toothpaste with foaming action to help it get around the mouth whilst actively targeting softer enamel to keep it strong and I love the bright colours of Aquafresh, My Big Teeth toothbrush and its suction foot for easy stand up. The soft and mixed bristle length are to help in cleaning in between teeth as well as to reduce the risk of damage to gums. 

Aquafresh, My Big Teeth and Aquafresh toothbrush for 6+

To add on more fun for children who are a little more challenging when comes to getting them to  brush their teeth, there is a free download of the Aquafresh Brush Time Apps !

Getting the kids at any age to brush their teeth can be a challenge but not when you're are an Aquafresh Nurdle ! This app should get any kids racing to brush their teeth, over and over again !

The Nurdles show kids a fun and appropriate way to brush all parts of their teeth. With a catchy song to get them bopping, while a timer counts down for two minutes – the recommended brushing time.
Each complete brush earns them Nurdle stars that can be used at the Nurdle Shop, where they can buy cool gear to dress up their very own Nurdle ! How fun and I bet girls especially, would love dressing up !

And parents out there who loves Aquafresh Kids products like I do ? Simply hashtag #AquafreshKidsSG with a video or photo of your child brushing his/her teeth with any Aquafresh Kids products on your personal Facebook or Instagram page.

Image credit : Aquafresh

10 selected winners with the most number of LIKES (across Facebook or Instagram) will win a one year supply of Aquafresh Kids products !! For terms & conditions, click HERE. Good luck !

Note that the contest runs from 1st March 2015 to  30th April 2015

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