Monday, March 2, 2015

Cinnamon French Toast Rolls

It's March and this is the first bento for the month. Fancy some Cinnamon French toast rolls ? I bought a bottle of Lotus Biscoff spread recently and decided to try this out.

What you would need to make :
- Bread
- Strawberries (you can change if you wish to)
- Lotus Biscoff Spread or Nutella spread ( I tried and find that Lotus Bicoff is a little sweet, Nutella may be a better option)
- Egg
- Brown sugar
- Grounded cinnamon powder

Steps : I flattened the slice of bread with a  rolling pin, spread on Lotus Biscoff Spread, add the fruits of your choice.

Roll them up "tightly".

Roll them into the egg wash before pan frying them to brown it.

Roll into a mixture of grounded cinnamon powder and brown sugar.

I cut them further into bit size.

This is Bento Box #18 for Week 9.

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