Saturday, March 14, 2015

A lesson by Xav

Counting down to less than 10days, to be exact, 8 days before he officially turns 7 !

I told myself that I have to get this document down, a THOUGHTFUL and a COURAGEOUS act of requesting for something, no not for himself but for a stranger. His act reminded me of my ex colleague, Ashleigh.

Some time about two weeks ago, we were taking our usual train ride home when an old man boarded the train. All seats were taken and Xav turned to look at me. He asked "Mummy, how ? There is no seat for the old man and I would think that he really needs a seat. "

I replied that someone have to give up their seats or I would have to approach and request one of the commuters to give up their seats. I would say I would not ask for a seat even if I am carrying a baby and a heavy diaper bag.

Next question came "Mummy, but who can I ask to give up their seats and what if they don't ?" My reply to Xav was "who do you think needs the seat more ? Youngsters or elderly ? And of course I told him to look out for people especially youngsters whose eyes are glued to their mobile phone. I have realised that situations of people starring gluing to their mobile phones and not keeping a lookout or sparing a thought for those who need the seats has become increasingly high and not to mention about the mobile zombies who just walked blindly with their eyes fixated on the screen !

Before I could find my courage to ask for a seat, without any hesitation, he approached one young lady who was starring at her mobile phone and asked if she could give up the seat so that the old man could take a seat. I was for that moment felt like the proudest mum on earth ! Seriously, I don't have the courage like Xav. A lesson lernt from my son, he taught me to speak up when I really need to.

It was a really thoughtful act of Xav and hope he continues to carry this thoughtfulness and shower it to people around him. Good job, Xav ! Daddy and mummy is so proud of you !

And yes it's end of term one ! Happy holidays to all and have a great weekend !

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