Friday, February 13, 2015

Our weekends - Out and about on our two wheelers

Our weekends hangout, nope not in the crowded malls. We love to be out and about to the parks, on our two wheelers, cycling all the way from Sengkang Riverside Park via the park connector, all the way to Punggol Park.

We changed a new bicycle for Xav for he outgrew the former set. The current bicycle he is having, allows him to change his gears. Something relatively new for him but  slowly, he got the hang of it. After a month or two to get the right "feel" of controlling his new bicycle and to learn how to change the gears.

To us, it seems pretty easy to roll down or cycle up that steep slope. To a 6 year old (or at least to him) it was a big challenge. Initially for Xav, he would normally get off and slowly make his way down the slope while holding on to the bicycle.

To me, this particular slope below, is pretty steep. If I don't change my gears, I couldn't ride up at all.

His daddy dearest, bit by bit taught him how to use his brakes while going down the slope while I be at the bottom of the slope watching out for oncoming cyclists.

Finally, after all the patience wrecking moments, he learnt how to apply his brakes and he has successfully learnt how to ride up that slope without stopping.

If you are with us, you might probably hear us shouting "Keep left, keep left ". He needs constant reminders on keeping to his left as it was a shared path. Sub-consciously, he will ride to the middle again and our "loud hailers" starts again.

While Xav is enjoying his freedom of riding on his own, missy here enjoyed her breezy ride !

Sometimes, we would stop by for a selfie.

Towards Punggol Park
When he is much better in control of his bicycle, we will tend to cycle a little further.

@ vicinity of Punggol Park

About 2 weeks back, we decided to cycle up to Adventure bridge since Xav can finally be much more on his own. 

Same place, two years ago and two years later, pic taken by Xav.

2 years ago - 2013

2 years later - 2015

I love the serenity in the park.

The father and son can actually run up the slope ! That's for them while I chose to stay at the bottom with Vera. =p

And it's not so much about just cycling. He learnt endurance from the long distance, he learnt how to watch out for traffic on his own, he learnt how to be disciplined enough to stay on his own path, he learnt not to give up when he needs to overcome the difficulty of riding up that very steep slope.

And you be surprised, on our return trip, the three of us would normally have a "race". we saw how he has improved in terms of his speed and endurance. In fact, I had a hard time catching up with him ! His speed was for a moment unbeatable, probably my stamina was not as good as his.

This is how we spent our weekend mornings or sometimes evening. How do you spend your weekends ? Happy that it's Friday again !  Looking forward to the weekends !

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