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February '15 - Bento Boxes

It's February and I am still searching for more bento ideas ! Another mummy blogger, Angeline has also linked up some of the mummy bloggers and herself, who prepares bento boxes for the primary school goers as well !

It has been a busy month of de-cluttering the house, preparing for Chinese New Year, house visiting and of course am not feeling too well before CNY, hence, this month, not much bento boxes were prepared as my energy level dipped really low.

These are my February Bento boxes.

#Bento Box 10 - Hotdog bun (My lazy bento box ) with some cherries.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 11 - Egg Mayo pocket. I bought Gardenia Focaccia loaf, made some egg mayo, cut a slit in the middle and stuff the egg mayo in and wrapped up with the food wrapper.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 12 - Pasta with cod fish strips. He loves pasta ! Boil and pastas and drain away the water, cooked some minced mushrooms with onions while I warmed up the frozen cod strips in the oven.

The second tier, I cut some kiwi for him to have it as his desserts.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 13 -  Sunshine Hawaiian Pizza.

I was feeling under the weather and dear suggested me to have more rest. He bought this box of Transfat Free frozen pizza. I personally find this very dry and I dislike the thick crust.

#Week 6

End up what I did was, I heated up the pizza in the oven, trimmed away the crust by the sides and cut the pizza into  squares. I added on some fruits and two pieces of salted egg yolk cookies as dessert.

#Week 6

Bento Box #14 - Baked Prawn Toast

You could have guess what would have happened if I find the above not to my liking. I made my own "pizza", baked prawn toast.  With a slice of bread, some frozen cooked prawns, some shredded cheese and pasta sauce as the base. I baked in the oven until the cheese melted.

It's just me, I find that mine taste better. =p I cut the slice of bread into bit- size squares and packed into his lunch box.

#Week 6

Bento Box #15 - Stir fry glass noodles, was my first attempt cooking glass noodles.

#Week 7

Bento Box #16 - Animal bread rolls with butter and cheese.

#Week 7

Bento Box #17 - Steamed Panda Bears

This can be found in NTUC Finest. I bought it at Seletar Mall Outlet. Look like the ones sold at Singapore River Safari ? In the pandas, the fillings are black sesame with peanut. I find it tastes pretty good and not overly sweet.

#Week 8
With CNY coupled with my low energy level, Xav had to eat in the canteen more than the usual.

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