Friday, February 27, 2015

Busy Bag - Cup - O' straws

How do you normally drink those bottles of Yakult ? Usually, I go by the straw-less method, simply peel up the aluminium cover and drink straight from the bottle. End up, I have loads of straws "stocked" up in my fridge.

Was racking my brains what to do with the straws until the thought of washi-fying them came into my thoughts. Then, my bigbite came into my mind, follow by the plastic cup.

Hence, I told myself, Cup O'Straws shall be the first set to go into Vera's busy bag. If you search through Pinterest, you can find loads of very nice ideas.

Below are the materials that are needed to do up this kit; one recycled plastic cup, some yakult straws, washi tapes and a pair of scissors.

One by one, I "wrapped" up the straws with washi tapes of different designs and colours.

The washi-fied straws

I punched some holes on the lid so that Vera can insert the straws from the top. It's one of the ways you can train their fine motor skills. The set kept her busy for a moment while we had our brekkie. But be ready to pick up the straws at the end of your meal.


I have punched some holes around the cup too. This way, she can also insert the straws this way.

Older toddlers can try a higher difficulty level by inserting the straws from one hole and out from the other. That's how it looks like from the top view.

It's a pretty simple game but it can keep the little ones busy while you have some peace for yourself. Remember not to throw your clean yakult straws away !

For older kids, try playing a game of pick up sticks with the straws. =)

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Joey Weini Ng said...

Hihi can you share where you got the hole puncher from? Thanks!

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