Saturday, February 28, 2015

February '15 - Bento Boxes

It's February and I am still searching for more bento ideas ! Another mummy blogger, Angeline has also linked up some of the mummy bloggers and herself, who prepares bento boxes for the primary school goers as well !

It has been a busy month of de-cluttering the house, preparing for Chinese New Year, house visiting and of course am not feeling too well before CNY, hence, this month, not much bento boxes were prepared as my energy level dipped really low.

These are my February Bento boxes.

#Bento Box 10 - Hotdog bun (My lazy bento box ) with some cherries.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 11 - Egg Mayo pocket. I bought Gardenia Focaccia loaf, made some egg mayo, cut a slit in the middle and stuff the egg mayo in and wrapped up with the food wrapper.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 12 - Pasta with cod fish strips. He loves pasta ! Boil and pastas and drain away the water, cooked some minced mushrooms with onions while I warmed up the frozen cod strips in the oven.

The second tier, I cut some kiwi for him to have it as his desserts.

#Week 5

#Bento Box 13 -  Sunshine Hawaiian Pizza.

I was feeling under the weather and dear suggested me to have more rest. He bought this box of Transfat Free frozen pizza. I personally find this very dry and I dislike the thick crust.

#Week 6

End up what I did was, I heated up the pizza in the oven, trimmed away the crust by the sides and cut the pizza into  squares. I added on some fruits and two pieces of salted egg yolk cookies as dessert.

#Week 6

Bento Box #14 - Baked Prawn Toast

You could have guess what would have happened if I find the above not to my liking. I made my own "pizza", baked prawn toast.  With a slice of bread, some frozen cooked prawns, some shredded cheese and pasta sauce as the base. I baked in the oven until the cheese melted.

It's just me, I find that mine taste better. =p I cut the slice of bread into bit- size squares and packed into his lunch box.

#Week 6

Bento Box #15 - Stir fry glass noodles, was my first attempt cooking glass noodles.

#Week 7

Bento Box #16 - Animal bread rolls with butter and cheese.

#Week 7

Bento Box #17 - Steamed Panda Bears

This can be found in NTUC Finest. I bought it at Seletar Mall Outlet. Look like the ones sold at Singapore River Safari ? In the pandas, the fillings are black sesame with peanut. I find it tastes pretty good and not overly sweet.

#Week 8
With CNY coupled with my low energy level, Xav had to eat in the canteen more than the usual.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Busy Bag - Cup - O' straws

How do you normally drink those bottles of Yakult ? Usually, I go by the straw-less method, simply peel up the aluminium cover and drink straight from the bottle. End up, I have loads of straws "stocked" up in my fridge.

Was racking my brains what to do with the straws until the thought of washi-fying them came into my thoughts. Then, my bigbite came into my mind, follow by the plastic cup.

Hence, I told myself, Cup O'Straws shall be the first set to go into Vera's busy bag. If you search through Pinterest, you can find loads of very nice ideas.

Below are the materials that are needed to do up this kit; one recycled plastic cup, some yakult straws, washi tapes and a pair of scissors.

One by one, I "wrapped" up the straws with washi tapes of different designs and colours.

The washi-fied straws

I punched some holes on the lid so that Vera can insert the straws from the top. It's one of the ways you can train their fine motor skills. The set kept her busy for a moment while we had our brekkie. But be ready to pick up the straws at the end of your meal.


I have punched some holes around the cup too. This way, she can also insert the straws this way.

Older toddlers can try a higher difficulty level by inserting the straws from one hole and out from the other. That's how it looks like from the top view.

It's a pretty simple game but it can keep the little ones busy while you have some peace for yourself. Remember not to throw your clean yakult straws away !

For older kids, try playing a game of pick up sticks with the straws. =)

And if you do not know, I'm a washi tape lover ! I have diy a few projects with washi tapes :
- Identify that passport
- Build your own city
- Mummies ... Happy Halloween
- A game of Carrom
- Teacher's Day gift ideas
- Our ways in using washi tapes
- Minion Pencil Holder

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sealing in Abundance, the Decoupage way !

After a hiatus of close to two years, I finally went and completed my third decoupage session with M.A.P Decoupage. The previous session, I decoupaged a hand carrier.

This year, I am supposed to learn blending but the design of the chosen napkins and the end product left me decided that I should just leave it as it was because " I LOVE SIMPLICITY".

Since Lunar New Year is coming, I chose a red clutch bag with the intention of using it to hold the ang pows that need to be distributed. Am sure it looks more proper than having to walk around with a big stack spilling in my hands.

Two napkins were chosen to be the designs for the clutch (Refer to the top)

Next was the patience testing moment - precision cutting. I had to slowly cut out the image of the flowers as the whole piece of napkin was not required. This surely pushed my patience to the max, I was getting fidgety !

After repositioning a few times, I decided that this shall be it. Cautiously, I "glued" the cut out image onto the pouch.

Front of the pouch with a touch of oriental feel

I decoupaged a completely different design for the back. A more paranakan feel at the back. Can I just tell you something, flowers really, are not the type of things I would take a fancy to. But tell me about the designs I have chosen... UNBELIEVABLE ! 

The back of the clutch.

Here's the proud owner with her very own decoupaged clutch. Uniquely mine, the one and only.

I did not varnished it on the spot as I forgot to bring out my kit. But how awesome when an idea just struck my mine to add  in ABUNDANCE and seal it in completely onto the clutch !! I was really getting excited ! If you have read about what Young Living Abundance Essential Oil is all about.

Some of my downlines have shared their positive encounter after using Abundance on themselves. 

Quoting one testimonial from one of my team members, Ms Yvonne, out of five job interviews, she applied Abundance for three interviews and guess what ? All three companies called her to offer the post she had applied for but not the other two. It did not just happened to her but her husband as well who did the same for his job interviews. This is just simply amazing !

Just like how people drips into paints to paint their houses, I dripped a few drops into the varnish and mixed together before applying straight onto the clutch.

The scent is just wonderful and I really feel great with it ! You have just got to use Abundance the right way, as shared by Kai, founder of One Drop :

"Abundance has a electromagnetic frequency that attracts what yo...ur thoughts project. If you are positive, it attracts positivity. If you are emotionally down-trodden, negative and mean-minded...unfortunately the frequency of the oil does not discriminate. So it simply attracts more of THAT same into your life.

In the bible, "I want not" is mentioned 365times. "Want" explained in that context equates to "lack" and "not having". Hence anciently, to use the word want implies a position of lack. To say " I want a good life" or "I want money" equates to "I lack a good life" or "I lack money". So if you apply Abundance with such statements... guess what you are really attracting? DEHHHHH... more lack!" So use Abundance the right way ! 

How to use Abundance EO :

- Apply it with an attitude of GRATITUDE and not greed, for things that you are already having or have been receiving that go into your life.

- Drip it on your shoulders, on the crown of your head, apply over wrist, heart, back, naval and tailbone. I personally love to mix a drop of it with Joy and apply on my shoulders daily.

Sealing in Abundance

So what is in Abundance (With Reference from the Essential Oil Desk Reference) :

- Myrrh possesses the frequency of wealth.
- Cinnamon Bark was thought to have a frequency that attracted wealth and abundance.
- Frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it.
- Patchouli represented money and those who possessed it were considered to be wealthy.
- Clove was associated with great abundance and those who possessed it were considered wealthy.
- Spruce was believed to possess the frequency of prosperity.
- Physical level: Some of these oils are highly antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-infectious, anti-viral.

It's not all about wealth here ! Abundance has helped me relieved my hacking cough.

Just an alternative if you run out of Abundance, try using Bergamot + Ginger together !

Back to decoupaging, here are two simple projects which I tried making, using the knowledge that have been taught to  me;
- Handmade Album for dear.
- Makeover for shades holder

It's the 8th day of Chinese Lunar New Year ! Here's wishing all followers of Xavvy-licious " Gong Hei Fatt Choy !! "

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post for both decoupage session and Young Living Essential Oils.  I am a distributor (Member no. #1470886) of Young Living Essential Oils.  Find me in the League of the Extraordinary One Droppers or email me at should you have any enquiries. I will try and answer within my ability. All opinions and sharing are of my own.




Friday, February 13, 2015

Our weekends - Out and about on our two wheelers

Our weekends hangout, nope not in the crowded malls. We love to be out and about to the parks, on our two wheelers, cycling all the way from Sengkang Riverside Park via the park connector, all the way to Punggol Park.

We changed a new bicycle for Xav for he outgrew the former set. The current bicycle he is having, allows him to change his gears. Something relatively new for him but  slowly, he got the hang of it. After a month or two to get the right "feel" of controlling his new bicycle and to learn how to change the gears.

To us, it seems pretty easy to roll down or cycle up that steep slope. To a 6 year old (or at least to him) it was a big challenge. Initially for Xav, he would normally get off and slowly make his way down the slope while holding on to the bicycle.

To me, this particular slope below, is pretty steep. If I don't change my gears, I couldn't ride up at all.

His daddy dearest, bit by bit taught him how to use his brakes while going down the slope while I be at the bottom of the slope watching out for oncoming cyclists.

Finally, after all the patience wrecking moments, he learnt how to apply his brakes and he has successfully learnt how to ride up that slope without stopping.

If you are with us, you might probably hear us shouting "Keep left, keep left ". He needs constant reminders on keeping to his left as it was a shared path. Sub-consciously, he will ride to the middle again and our "loud hailers" starts again.

While Xav is enjoying his freedom of riding on his own, missy here enjoyed her breezy ride !

Sometimes, we would stop by for a selfie.

Towards Punggol Park
When he is much better in control of his bicycle, we will tend to cycle a little further.

@ vicinity of Punggol Park

About 2 weeks back, we decided to cycle up to Adventure bridge since Xav can finally be much more on his own. 

Same place, two years ago and two years later, pic taken by Xav.

2 years ago - 2013

2 years later - 2015

I love the serenity in the park.

The father and son can actually run up the slope ! That's for them while I chose to stay at the bottom with Vera. =p

And it's not so much about just cycling. He learnt endurance from the long distance, he learnt how to watch out for traffic on his own, he learnt how to be disciplined enough to stay on his own path, he learnt not to give up when he needs to overcome the difficulty of riding up that very steep slope.

And you be surprised, on our return trip, the three of us would normally have a "race". we saw how he has improved in terms of his speed and endurance. In fact, I had a hard time catching up with him ! His speed was for a moment unbeatable, probably my stamina was not as good as his.

This is how we spent our weekend mornings or sometimes evening. How do you spend your weekends ? Happy that it's Friday again !  Looking forward to the weekends !

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Singapore Sports Hub - Kallang Wave

Kallang Wave Mall - I love such mall that allows adults to dine and shop while it caters fun to the young shoppers as well with an outdoor water playground. It is not too huge, hence in one glance you can spot where your little one is.

Best of all, if the weather is thunderous, the alarm will be sounded for all to leave the play area. There are two lifeguards on duty too to make sure everything is in good order.

With three slides available for a short moment of splashing good time ! 

Xav being the super sociable one, easily blend in with other friends for a game of catching !

While little V here watched her brother played as she was nursing a cold.

This area below is for little ones below the age of 2. It's free for the public to use, no admission fee is required.

There is a also a changing room to change out of the wet suits. After a little water fun, tea break was next inside the mall.

Whenever there is food, you'll catch her smile.

What I loved best about Kallang Wave Mall, was the huge wall climbing facilities within the mall itself. Personally, I feel that this is really good ! Usually I do not bring the kids to the video arcades but would rather they spend the time on something else. I wouldn't mind paying for such sports to keep them occupied.

Dear and Xav paid for an hour of fun at the tallest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing venue in Singapore - Climb Central.

1000 Sq meters of climbing wall space

very focused

Both father and son had a great bonding  time though it's physically tiring.

He made it again to the top and I would say that it was a pretty good endurance training for him.

Two years ago, we exposed him to rock climbing at The Rock School. It was real fun, Xav said he would love to try it again.

Westgate Wonderland is another Singapore shopping mall with an outdoor playground, a mini wall climbing wall as well as a water play area. (Refer to blog post HERE)

As compared to other malls in town, it is not as crowded at Kallang Wave. I do not mind coming by on weekends so as to escape the crowd in other malls.

Oh yes, do drop by Singapore Sports Museum if you are at the sports hub. It's free entry for Singapore Citizens when we went in early Jan.

Hope your Sunday was a great one before we welcome a brand new week tomorrow !

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