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{ Media Invite} KidZania Singapore New Partners

Kai !  Jump for joy, mamas, papas and children ! Does your little one dream to be a pilot, a surgeon or even so, a radio DJ ?  We have been looking forward with much anticipation for Singapore's first indoor family edutainment centre, KidZania Singapore,  which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience targeted at kids aged 4 to 14.

PhotoCredit : Kidzania Singapore

to open up their doors in the second half of 2015, at Palawan Beach Sentosa Island.

Photo credit:  Kidzania Singapore

Photo Credit : KidZania Singapore

The kids can soon experience the world of adults in a replica of a real city, get themselves immersed in real-life situations and activities. KidZania Singapore  has a total of 23 partners to date and targets to achieve 30 partnerships when it opens.

Here I am with Vera attending the announcement ceremony while Xav was in school.

Refer (HERE) for the previously announced partners. KidZania Singapore had announced the addition of 9 new partnerships!

KidZania Singapore and its latest partners ready to build a better world for kids ( Photo credit: KidZania Singapore)

From left to right : Sunstar Singapore, Yoshihiro Kaneda (Managing Director & CEO), 7-11, Ms Michelle Lee (Marketing Director), Warung M Nasir Ms Mona Leong (Director), Kiss 92 Sim Hong Huat (GM, SPH Radio), Abbott - Ms Hui Hwa Koh-Minjoot (Regional GM), Carl Zeiss - Ven Raman (Managing Director for Carl Zeiss SEA) Nanyang Optical - Yang Wah Kiang (Chairman of Nanyang Optical), KidZania – Susanah Abdul Rani (Governor of KidZania KL & Singapore),  KidZania – William Edwards (Chief Operating Officer, Themed Attractions and Resorts),
Camp Challenge - Joey Ng (Assistant Director (Business Development), Sticky Singapore - Jamie Lim (Director) &  KidZania Singapore – Leong Yue Weng (Mayor of KidZania Singapore)

KidZania Singapore announces nine new partners today, unveiling new roles and activities that children can take part in KidZania Singapore. They include being an optometrist, and a radio DJ
Photo credit : KidZania Singapore)

The various professions children can experience are;
- Food & Beverage - Create their own candy as a Candy Specialist and bring
hand-made candy home at the Sticky Candy Store.

- Science - As a food scientist at the Abbott Milk Innovation Lab, children can
learn about the science and processes behind how growing up milk is made and create their own packages of growing up milk.

- Media - Go on air as a radio DJ to play chart-topping songs, present the news, and co-host programmes with Kiss92 DJs, and bring a copy of the recording home.

- Retail - Take charge of a 7-Eleven Convenience Store as a store owner and be a cutting-edge entrepreneur. Or be a financially-savvy shopper and learn to spot the best deals while maximizing the budget.

- Specialist Services - Offer the gift of healthy sight as an Optometrist at Carl Zeiss & Nanyang Optical, where they can give advice on how to select the right lenses and frames. Ensure their own eyes are in top condition with an eye check and learn how to care for their own eyes.

- Sports - Test their courage, confidence and hone their psycho motor skills as a
mountaineer with Camp Challenge. Maneuver through obstacle courses and persevere in their quest for the summit.

- Health: Perform an oral hygiene health check to prevent cavities and flash a bright smile as a dentist at the Sunstar Dental Clinic.

We can't wait for the opening of KidZania Singapore, making the big dreams of our little ones come true !!

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