Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Go light ! Homecooked Cold Soba

I know it will not go wrong if I were to feed Xav with his favourite food daily, it would mean that I do not need to keep nagging him "Xav, can you please eat faster ? ". Cold Soba being one of his favourite, he will always order this without fail whenever we visit Itacho Sushi. I was thinking about his lunch menu and thought of this.

Perfect for the ridiculously hot weather, when you don't feel like taking any hot stuff.

What you would just need:
Cucumber (I bought the organic Japanese cucumber)

Crab meat

Soba & Soba Sauce
Method :
1. Cook the soba in boiling water, drain away and add room temperature water and ice cubes to soak the soba in. I fridge it as well. Drain it away when you are ready to serve the soba.

2. You can make your own Tamagoyaki. You would just need to beat eggs with sugar and pour it over the hot pan like how you normally cook the omelette. Dish up and allow it to cool before you start shredding it.

3. Dip the crab meat into a pot of boiling water, drained and set aside.

4. Shred the cucumber and set aside.

When you are ready to serve, just simply pour the amount of soba sauce, diluted with the same amount of water over the soba, add the above ingredients and garnish with some shredded seaweed and sesame seeds, you are ready to serve lunch ! 

I find it pretty light, healthy and refreshing with minimal oil used (when  cooking the egg).

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