Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 Annual Family Photoshoot

Our new addition in the house, no not a baby but three canvas prints to be hang up before Chinese New Year, along the walkway and in the kid's room! No, this is #notasponsoredpost but we chose Orange Studios for our annual family photoshoot. When it comes to having a baby and a young kid in a photoshoot, having a friendly and patient photographer would be the best and Ryan is one of them that fits the bill.

Orange Studios  calledd us up for a pre- photoshoot briefing to advise on what colour attire to wear and what are the things to bring for the photoshoot session.

We decided on the following:
1. Location of shoot : Sengkang Riverside Park (Do check with Orange Studios on the location before hand)  I have to thank Ryan for accommodating the change  as the initial place was at Punggol Park but as we would be on our two wheelers to the location, we thought it was pretty challenging as Vera would probably be cranky by the time we reached Punggol. Hence we requested the shoot to be at Sengkang Riverside Park.

2. Theme : Nature

3. Focus : Family and Siblings shots (Mainly because there will be no chance for any couple shots at least for another 2 to 3 years ? )

4. Attire : White / Bright coloured. I decided to have 2 sets of attire for the kids instead of 3 as I don't want them to get tired out by the changing of so many outfits especially for Vera. I think I get tired too from changing her at times when she can't keep still.

5. Props : Our very own bicycles and not forgetting bubbles ! I kept the props really minimal as I don't think we can manage to lug bigger items there. Ryan would have to make use of the greenery and whatever is available there.

Other stuff which I packed along / good to have for an outdoor shoot :
1. Additional sets of clothes for the kids.
2. A big piece of plastic "table cloth" as our mat if the grass is wet from the rain. At least something to put down our barangs.
3. Wet wipes and small hand towels.
4. Portable fan for the kids should the weather be too hot. ( I did not bring mine though)
5. Timing would be good between 8 - 10.30 am or late noon after 4pm to avoid that scorching hot sun !
6.Water for everyone.
7. Mozzie patches if you are prone to mozzie bites like us.
8. My bag of essential oils (My first aid kit should there be any falls) and yes, Purification works great to repel mozzies !

Last but not least, bring on that SMILE , SMILE & SMILE !

Here are some of my many favourites to share. =)  It's pretty hard to get Vera to smile at the same time as Xav ! Thank you Ryan for being able to capture the both of them with their best smiles.

The blissful ones
Loving daddy's cuddles !
Daddy & his girl
Daddy, a kiss for you !
Daddy and his little loves
My Family
Daddy & his son-shine
Mummy & her little dot-ter
Over there mummy !
Just US
Me & my little ones
My loves, who mean the world to me
Us and our two wheelers
 Xav & his two wheeler
My little biker

Vera's turn for her solo pics. I find them all quite naturally taken !


A really sweet & natural pose solely by herself, I am mad loving this !

Now the fun part ! Bubbles always have magical effects !

Seems like Vera is blowing bubbles too !
Another lovely shot of the siblings

Here it concluded our family shoot for 2014. Thank you for taking time to view the pictures!

Was scrolling back, this was Vera taken one year plus ago. Read about the review HERE for our family photography & HERE for Vera's Newborn Photography.

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Photo Credit : Orange Studios
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Disclaimer : This is NOT A SPONSORED POST and it's fully paid by your truly. All opinions are of my own.


Wini said...

Couldn't help smiling while looking at these photos again - really so joyful and sweet! :) Thanks for the great write-up, Serene!

xavvy said...

Hi Wini,

Thanks for dropping by ! With thanks to Ryan again for capturing these precious moments !

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