Friday, December 5, 2014

Princessy outfit from << The Sunshine Kids >>

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All of you who have known me, will know that dressing up girly or princessy is definitely not my style. The only time I felt and dressed up like one is on my wedding day. Not until after having a baby girl, I realised it's kind of fun to dress her up and started to take a liking to certain flowery print dresses and accessories. This mummy here is crossing fingers, hoping that Baby Vera will grow up to be more feminine and not like the mummy who is always in shorts and jeans.

I thought it was really sweet of the big brother, when he exclaimed excitedly upon seeing the beautiful dress from The Sunshine Kids , "I want meimei to be a princess !" It warmed my heart when Xav excitedly took the dress and tried to do a fitting on Vera. He was more than happy to turn his little sister into one, pretty, little princess !

The Sunshine Kids is an online store (partnered with Agape babies) selling dresses designed for special occasions for the girls while they are working on widening the selection to include a casual line for both the girls and boys.

I could not make up my mind on which pretty dress to choose for Vera. Took me a few days to decide on taking one of the best seller, Louisa Gold Striped Princess Dress. I loved the simple yet classic combination of white and gold.

Louisa Gold Striped Princess Dress (Photo Credit : The Sunshine Kids)
My little princcess

She was so just not used to it when the dress covered up her legs, gave her some poms poms and she was on all smiles again.

Something just happened to tickle her funny bones, she was laughing ! I am hoping that she could be on her feet real soon so that I can capture more pictures of her in the pretty dress before she outgrows it !

Coming back to The Sunshine Kids, the partnership with  Agape babies makes shopping online between both stores a breeze when it comes to checking out, you can simply checkout in 1 shopping cart.

 Agape babies, partnered with over 150 premium brands and retail over 3000 products, specializing in a range of baby essentials such as diapers, milk, organic food, skincare, toys books and lots more.

Plan to get some pretty dresses for some special occasion or a Christmas photoshoot  (Check out the post for a discount code) ?

The Sunshine Kids is giving our readers a 15% discount off the selection (Not inclusive of sales items) with the coupon code “Xavvylicious” upon checking out. The discount code is valid from 5 Dec 2014 - 2 Jan 2015.
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Disclaimer : We were gifted with a set of pretty dress from The Sunshine Kids. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of mine.

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