Friday, December 26, 2014

Best Christmas Gift for 2014 !

On the evening of Christmas, I was given the best Christmas gift more than anything else,

definitely something not of any monetary value. Friends whom I have spoke to with regards to Vera's weight and growth will totally understand how I am feeling now. Yes, it's a new milestone unlocked ! But why would I be so "emotional" about her first few, unsupported baby steps ?

She was a term baby, she had a pretty nice weight of 2.78 kg. (Read Vera's birth story) but three months later, her weight did not double. She was growing very slowly and her growth were all way below the third percentile.

She is now at 16 months & 25 days old but she looks to teeny, weeny , tiny. All strangers whom we met were "shocked" when they got to know that she is already over 12 months. Pictures of Vera that you see on my Facebook album somehow made her looked "bigger". She looks like a 7 / 8 months old baby in real. I was kind of worried that she may be undeveloped at the rate she is growing.

No I am not trying to compare. I knew that all babies are different but most of her peers could walk and talk much earlier (as early as 9 months old) ! I can't help but felt a little worried about her growth development.

I consulted two different Paediatricians, both advised me to send Vera for blood test to check if she has any deficiency in Vitamin D as well as Calcium. Hence, one fine day I brought her in for a blood test. It was on my Instagram post about 5 months ago (She was 11 months old then) - "While I was fighting hard to hold back my tears for fear that she be in pain and fright of the needles, #mytoughcookie surprised the nurses and me with no cries at all! Despite the blood was draw from the back of her hand #notafingerprick #"

It was such a great relief that the blood test result were all cleared ! I just have to convince myself that probably she takes after my genes. After all, I was a pre-matured baby, who has decided  to arrive on earth 2 months earlier. My mum was telling me how small I was. I was just like the size of her palm, looking dark and hairy just like a tiny little kitten.

Back to Vera, 5 more days to her turning 17 months. Some of her milestones can dos, cannot dos, likes and dislikes, which I would like to note down for Vera :

- Loves animals, to be more exact, moving animals, especially dogs. She will attempt to make woofing sound whenever she sees one. Fearless and this girl sure does not know her limit when  she happily when to "pinch" on Collie's nose. But Collie was really nice and patient to everyone, especially babies !

Collie, can we be friends please ?

- Love to kiss soft toys when they were brought near to her cheeks, awwww ......
- Loves to eat ! "WAH!!!" is what she usually reacts to when she sees food on the table.
- Love Letterland songs, especially "Annie Apple" and could do action along with it.
- Love to see herself in the camera and will smile when we are taking selfies / wefies.

pardon my drool please, I can't help it with so much feasting !

- Able to react by saying "Bye bye" whenever she hears me saying "See you!"
- Able to identify Star by saying "TAR" and goes "Ball ball ball" when she sees balloons !
- Able to drink from the straw.
- Able to understand commands like "sit, stand, lie down, eat, open your mouth" I just find it so amusing when I told her to lie down so that I can change her diaper. She just went lying down but on her tummy instead !
- Able to eat one Chinese bowl of porridge.
- Able to stand on her own without support FINALLY !
- Able to take at least three steps unsupported.
- Able to sleep through the night

We are looking forward to more milestones to be unlocked by Vera ! One more month before she steps into the official toddlerhood !

Loving her with much love from Daddy, Mummy and Koror =)

Have a Jolly, Merry Christmas, everyone !

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