Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful Tuesday : A simple word of "Thanks"

The beginning of school holidays always marks the beginning of a busier period until school terms start.

I am so overwhelmed with everything that I hardly cook nowadays. Just yesterday, dear asked me if I will be cooking as he will be back for dinner. Maybe he did not mean it as such ? But to me, it seems like he missed my cooking and hinting me to cook. (I know probably it's pretty thick skin of me).

At the very last minute, I decided to just cook some pasta for dinner. Bought a baked chicken from Cold Storage and shredded it. I top it on top of the cooked pasta with cheese, mushroom and shredded chicken and threw all into the oven to melt that cheese.

Being a tomato sauce lover, dear would normally prefer the tomato based kind of pasta. Then again, I do not have enough pasta sauce to suffice for all. During dinner, he passed me a very frank feedback, the pasta don't taste nice. I would expect that because even I myself feel that it is not nice. (Note that I, myself did not finished my share)

Whilst washing up the dishes, he came up and said "Thank you for the dinner". I didn't show him my face but acknowledged with a silent nod. Deep down, my eyes were a little teary. Not because he told me that dinner was not nice, but this simple phrase that means so much, made me felt that my efforts were being appreciated, touched my heart. I would like to thank him for being my most supportive fan in my culinary journey. Regardless of whether the dishes are nice or no, he finished them all always. Thank you my dear.

What are you thankful for today ?

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