Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ants -Be- Gone !

One thing that sure gets on my nerves is ants invasion in my kitchen. This happens when I'm not the one working in the kitchen or rather for that few days or a period, someone else took over my "territory" due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Trouble comes when kitchen is not kept clean. Coming close to 5 years, the frequency of ants invasion in my place or rather to be more exact,  my kitchen is less than 5. To be exact, including this time is twice ! 

Firstly, I would go for the most natural method to bust the nest without having to use pesticides as the little ones are around. Ants "communicate" via scent trails. Using their antennae, they can perceive smells and determine the direction. When food is found, they will leave a trail leading back to the colony and the other ants would be using this trail to get to the source of food.

To conclude, we need to DESTROY their trails by MESSING UP their scent trails.

So what did I do using my Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil? Tell me how not to love PEPPERMINT !

Photo Credit : DGaryYoung

This time round, it's ANTS - BE - GONE ! I was struggling with the constant pinching and wiping off the fast crawling ants on my kitchen top this one month until last week, I finally found their nest and decided to BUST it !

What I did was, I mixed 5 drops of Young Living PEPPERMINT eo into a 15ml spray bottle and top it up with some water.

I sprayed twice along the trail as well as into the their hiding place. Then, I dripped a drop neat on a cloth and wipe around the area where they were crawling along. The next morning, NO MORE ANTS appeared ! To make sure that the trail is completely destroyed, I continued for the next two days.

Other benefits of YL Peppermint EO;
- It can help to bring down running temperatures by applying on the spine and under the feet. You can drip a drop or two to sponge too !
- It helps to ease your heavy head when you feel the drums in it.
- It helps to ease nausea by inhaling it with a drop in your palm.
- It helps to improve concentration and mental activity, diffuse it when  the child is doing his/her work.
- It helps to cool you down when you are feeling the heat in the typical warm weather Singapore has, with a rub of peppermint behind your neck.
- Coffee or snacks cravings ? I would drip a drop and drink as peppermint tea ! It helps to curb the cravings and it aids in digestive issues too. Note: To use only glass or ceramic not plastic or Styrofoam cups.
- It can act as an mozzie repellent too !

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Do note that I only trust Young Living Essential Oils for my own consumption. What makes me totally trust it, read more on it on Young Living's Seed To Seal Process.

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