Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY - Foam roller stamps

All the "Garung Guni" mums who collect bread tags, bottle caps, empty toilet paper rolls ... including myself (The list goes on as long as that particular material can be recycled for another purpose) can now recycle the empty toilet paper rolls into a roller stamp !

As I did my monthly order of Young Living essential oils from United States, I will end up with pretty lots of firm, sturdy holders as the oils were packaged in it to prevent breakage. Either I recycle them by wrapping up my orders and sent out the oils in these holders, the remaining if I have a spare or two, I would use it for crafting purposes.

This time, I diy a simple roller stamp with Xav.

Materials needed :
1. Empty holders which are firm and hard enough (Eg. Fax paper rolls )
2. Washi tape of your choice
3. Some adhesive foam shapes (Make your own theme ! Can be farm animals, marine life or nature)
4. Glue
5. A pair of scissors
5. Ink pad and some papers

Step 1 : Tape up the holder if you want a nice looking one. Else you can omit this step. Probably, I am trying to use up my box of tapes and Xav gets to tape himself. Why not !

The taped up holder

Step 2 : Stick on the foam pieces on the taped up holder. For convenience sake, I used glue dots.

Step 3 : Consider decorating some of the plain envelops or plain mahjong paper and turn them into wrappers ! Roll the foam bits over the ink pad and get yourself started with the stamping. Have fun !

Here is another DIY with empty toilet rolls :
Minion Pencil Holder

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