Friday, September 19, 2014

[Review] Travels of Little Rice Grass

This book is about one of the most important staple food for the Asians, which is taken by most of us on a daily basis.

It began at about 10000 years ago when a wild grass was growing in marshes of Yangtze River in China, early humans gathered the seeds to eat and 7000 years ago, people started to grow these seeds for food.

Travels of Little Rice Grass shares with you the adventures that little rice grass went through. With the early humans through the rivers, mountains and across many lands, it became a cultivated plant, feeding the mouths of millions around the world. This is known to us as RICE !

How important Little Rice Grass was! Harvest and festivals were held to honour it. The different parts of the plant (seeds, husk and hay) can be used for different purposes. Without rice, many people in Asia will be go hungry.

There is also a Chinese poetry which teaches us that every grain if rice comes from the hardship that the farmers went through to get it harvested.

锄禾日当午, 汗滴禾下土。
chu he ri dang wu, han di he xia tu
shui zhi pan zhong can, li li jie xin ku

In English, it simply means " Hoeing of the crops at high noon, the farmers' sweat dripping down onto the soil, beneath the hoe. Everyone should know that every single grain of rice on the plate is the hardwork of the farmers."

I have always reminded Xav not to waste food especially the rice as it takes a lot of hardship from planting to harvesting.

A pretty good read and if you do own a Pen Pal Whizz, Travels of Little Rice Grass is compatible! (Download the audio file here)  If you are still undecided of which pen to get, here is my list of differences between Pen Pal Whizz and Leapfrog Talking Pen.

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Disclaimer :  We were given a copy of The Little Rice Grass by JLB Educational Technology for review purposes.

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