Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby, let's travel light !

Before the arrival of Vera, we used to be able to squeeze all (Daddy + Mummy + Xav) our barang barang into one big luggage whenever we travel. Some people feels that travelling with a baby is just like moving house because it seems like you need to bring everything from the house!

I personally find that travelling at a different age group has it's perks. When we first brought Xav out on his first trip to Bintan when he was 6 months old, he was still a breastfed baby then. All I brought was a breastpump to pump out at night if he did not wake for his feed. It was pretty much a breeze with no jar food to lug along and the luggage space gradually freed up as the diapers got lesser by the time we were ready to return.

Xav's second trip was to Hong Kong. That time, he was on semi-solid and I am pretty much not wanting to feed him with jar food. I prefer to prepare fresh food for him. This was what I have prepared for his meals.

Back to 2014, Vera went on her first flight to Taiwan but her second trip out of the little red dot. Her first trip was to Johor and I find it quite easy as well as I was still breastfeeding her then, I did not bring anything along to pump, direct latch is the best. I don't even need to bring bottles.

She is now on her semi solids but I did not packed fresh food for her this time round. How did we travel light and of course, the nutrition is slightly compromised for these eight days.

How to make sure we travel light:
1. Pack milk sachets instead of checking in that big tin of milk powder. You can try requesting from the staff when you visit the PD, they will generously give you some packs or you can consolidate the sachets from each visit. =P

2. Disposable bibs or super light weight, foldable bibs. This foldable yet duper light weight bib from VabySg August subscription box, came into very good use.

3. Thermos Flask

Thankful for this thoughtful gift from Amy. I did not bring any travel cooker this time round. This round was smarter, usually our breakfast will be provided by the hotel. Before we left the café, we usually scoop some plain porridge into the thermal flask and keep it for Vera's lunch.

Should there be any steam fish available, we will flaked some and mixed into the porridge.

Otherwise, we will pay the café or the stalls that sell porridge just to cook some plain porridge for us.

4. Food Packs

We bought some Pigeon food packs and some organic vegetables puree and mixed into the porridge if we did not managed to find any suitable dishes for her. Same as the milk sachets, the number of packs will be reduced and luggage will feel lighter by the end of the trip.

5. Baby Carrier

We did not bring a Pram this time, taking into consideration the places we will be going, the terrain etc. It is definitely challenging to push a pram up to the hills to feed the goats and to squeeze into the forever jam packed night markets.

I just brought along a baby carrier which came in time from Tao Bao. Thanks Amy for helping with the purchase as I still could not figure out how to shop there.

These are five simple tips to travelling light ! Do share with me if you have other tips as we are planning for another trip in another month's time.

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