Thursday, August 14, 2014

Okras with mayo and ebiko

Finally, this was stroked off my waiting list for my list of wanting to try dishes after I saw the post posted by Wokkingmum, Elaine. Elaine's blog is one of the blog I have followed through these years and I have learnt to cook up plenty of simple to cook yet tasty dishes from her recipes.

I made a little change to the cooking method by baking the okras at 180 deg celcius for about 3-4 mins instead, after slicing them into halves, since my oven was already running then.

I bought a box of ebiko from NTUC Finest and mixed into the mayonnaise, spread it onto the baked okras and baked it for another 1-2 mins in the oven.

Definitely, the presentation have more room for improvement for the presentation but nonetheless, it tasted great and even dear dear who hated to take okras, ate quite a few !

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