Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cereal Prawns

Yipppeeee Yay ! Another to cook dish struck off my list ! Imagine, how long I have been sitting on them ! 

Yesterday, my little boss was telling me earlier in the afternoon, that I have to cook something yummy for dinner. Oh well, I was thinking that since I have not been cooking for this week as the daddy is not home for some days. I feel that it's pretty hard to cook three dishes and a soup for just the both of us unless my mum joins us.

Finally, I decided on cooking cereal prawns.

Hence, I went to buy a tin of Quakers brand oatmeal and some prawns.

1. Normally, I would wash and deveined the prawns on the back by cutting the back of the prawns into half and marinate with a two pinches of salt.

2. I baked them in the oven at 180 Deg Celsius for about 5-10 mins or until fully cooked.
(Incase if you are thinking why I did not deep fried the prawns. I do not like to deep fry as it leaves everywhere with an oily feel and our throats get scratchy easily after eating deep fried food.)

3. I pan fried the oats with olive oil, added curry leaves and fry till the leaves were fragrant and oats turned golden.

4. Add some chilli padi if you would like to have a little spicy taste in the cereal. Note that the heat will burn the oats easily. I dished up and added a table or two spoonful of sugar to the oats and mixed well. Scooped and leave aside.

5. Pan fried the baked prawns to golden brown, pour the cereal over and served.

Looking for more prawns recipe, here are a few another recipes which you can try:
- Stir fried prawns with dark sauce
- Grilled prawns with cheese
- Steamed prawns with chilli and garlic
- Prawns with salted egg yolk
- Wasabi mayo prawns

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