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Behind the scene of Xavvy-licious - Writing Process Blog Hop

Xavvy-licious was created 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Xav. My morning sickness was real bad and I needed something to distract me away from the thoughts of wanting to puke. My sis was telling me "So eng ah (meaning too much of free time as I'm not working then) ... go start a blog and blog down the things you can and cannot intake!"

So that's how I started to blog about anything before the arrival of Xav. I was thinking hard for a name to name my blog. I was thinking since the blog is going to be about baby (Xav) and to document down some recipes which I was learning how to cook then, "Xavvy-licious" it shall be !
1. What am I working on?
I am working on blog posts that documents their growing milestones, our travelogue (sad to say, I still have a few backlogs, all done half way), home-cooked recipes, self planned activities for home-learning before they are sent off to playgroups.

Occasionally, I would do some products review relevant to both Xav and Vera. I am hosting a Giveaway currently. Do hop by to give your support !

I, too share on kids' friendly restaurants / cafes to visit as well as any places that is #funforfree. See my most popular posts on Singapore's largest thematic outdoor playground "Westgate Wonderland"as well as Eat.Play.Love Café. Not all are sponsored posts. But if I can share with all on places with fun and great food. Why not !

What is coming on my way, I am looking into revamping my blog, tidy up the labels and what am I looking forward to, is "Xavvy-licious" very own mobile apps where you can get updates on the latest blog post, Giveaways etc. If you are a blog shop owner, an entrepreneur in starting your own business or a self employed, looking to applify your business. Do drop me a pm ! I can't wait for my very own apps to be ready and of course don't mind sharing what is going on !

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I would have to say, each blogger is different in their niche. I do not have any intention to monetize my blog nor I have any speciality. But I do host a monthly linky << Chinese Fun >> to share on ideas and any activities that can make learning Chinese a breeze. Join me at the first week of each month, it will normally be on any of the first three days or unless I'm away, else << Chinese Fun >> will be there.

3. Why do I write what I do?
Xavvy-licious is set to document down the growing milestone and everything of Baby Xav then and now with Baby Vera in as well. I have the intention of handing the blog over to them one day if they are keen to continue writing and document down the happenings in their life.

Seriously, I think I can't keep too much details in my head. Parenthood pushes me to step into the kitchen to learn how to cook, taught me how to lower myself to see things in a perspective of a child at times. There are plenty to document down so that they serve as my memory backup should one day memory fails me.

4. How does my writing process work?
Actually, there isn't any particular writing process. Normally, I will start with snapping photos away on my smart phone. Too heavy to carry another heavy camera out with all the bags, pram and taking public transport.

When am alone without the kids, I will select the photos which I wanted out of the whole collection, watermark them and got them sent to my draft.

The blogging part comes in the midst of doing house chores or in the morning when I have completed the morning chores while waiting for Missy Vera to wake or after the kids are asleep after 9.30 pm.
Normally, I will be seated at my dining cum messy working table in the living room, typing out my random thoughts on the laptop. Most of the time, when am settled down at night, my brains would be fried by then to do anything more. Hence, a blog post can take up like a few nights to complete. This is where I tried to play around with my time. Spot the nice namecard which my very talented BFF Delia designed for me ! Thanks Delia =)

Anyone of you looking at designing your own name cards or brochure and needs Delia's contact, drop me an sms or an email too =)

Writing Process Blog Hop
Being introduce to the Singapore Mom  Bloggers (SMB) Community by PrincessDanaDiaries, blogging widens up my network of mummies who blogs and be inspired by them. The mom blogger who invited me to hop on the Writing Process Blog Hop, is none other than WaiWai from PeiPei.HaoHao

She is also a full-time-working-mother with two children, dedicating her blog to them (Her blog's name tells it all). Look out for her sharing on activities with her children and be sure to enjoy the lovely drawing by Wai Wai herself.

Next in the blog hop:
Joey from Joeycraftworkz -  A stay-at-home mum with two lovely daughters (Big E and Small E). She enjoys sharing her sewing, scrapbooking and integration of crafts into her children's life on her blog. She also sells her handmades on her online shop !

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