Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vogue Coiffure

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Yay to a new hairstyle which is shorter and with my requirements met after considering a few factors that made me decide that I shall just snip it shorter, cooler and funkier ! I discussed with Shang (Hair stylist) from Vogue Coiffure.

- Hair fall is one of the most upsetting factor. To prevent more hair fall, hair must be lighter, hence, best is to keep it short  !
- Stylish with minimal styling required and look feminine at the same time. I don't mind short, stylish and cool hair style but it must make me look like a lady when am wearing a dress, if you get what I mean.

Why minimal styling, handling a pre-schooler and a 10 month old baby, I am thankful if I have the time to visit the washroom ! I'm not kidding you, I am stuck with Vera most of the time if I were to go out, without a pram. I have no one to turn to when I need to hand her over should I need to visit the toilet. So in  a day, my visit to the washroom is between 2- 4 times.

- Mess in style. I hate applying hair spray or hair wax on my hair. It just leaves me a "sticky" feel. I told Shang, I want something that even when a strong gust of wind came and mess up my hair, I will still look good.

Last but not least, what I see in Shang being a hair stylist, she communicates with her client! She gave me a book on some hair styles. She narrowed down for me the kind of hair style which may suit my skinny, v shape face. No hard bangs but I need a soft look on my fringe. She totally understood what I wanted and I am seriously happy and satisfied with the hair cut ! This is what I takes to be a good hair stylist apart from having good skills. Good communication and respecting what clients want.

I highlighted a few strands as well ! Loving my new hair style ! Thanks Natasha for recommending this stylist ! Affordable and good ! I have got the right person to maintain this very short hair of mine !

Why Shang ? She did not rush through to cut my hair. She trimmed meticulously on one side and at the same time making sure that it's even along side to the other.

 The worst hair cut I had this year was in Malaysia. Just a trimmed made me just feel like putting on a plastic bag over my face !! I have to go for a second haircut within a week to make myself feel better !

Anyway, here's my new hairstyle ! 

The left and right
Shang (Hair stylist)
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Hotline : 6235 1721

Do note that Shang does not work on Sundays, call in to make an appointment before hand.

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Wouah this is amazing on you you have make the good choice

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