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Vera's 1st Wheeze ......

If you agree, after being a mum, your instincts to certain things are pretty sharp. For my situation, my instincts never ever once failed me. My suspicion is always right and intervention was done as soon as I feel that it's getting out of control !

@ 10 months 10 days old, Vera fell sick for the third time, counting right from her birth. The previous two episodes, she was running a fever and having  runny nose and a little phlegm which eventually went away with application of Young Living Essential Oil; Thieves, RC / Raven. These three works great for her. For her fever, it normally takes her three days to break with the help of consistent oiling with Thieves & Peppermint Essential Oils (Read my review HERE). Some friends shared with me that Lavender and Lemon essential oils does help with fever too.

The third time was unfortunately not as easy, after a viral kiss from her kor kor who was having a wet nose, Vera started having wet nose and she actually have a bad nasal drip which caused her to sound so congested whenever she breathed in. Cough started to kick in and  she was perfectly well, no sign of crankiness but I felt "vibrations" from her little body. The bugs were definitely much stronger than before !

I observed further and started to hear weird sounds coming out from her as she breathed (it was pretty loud)  I told myself to confirm my suspicion that she is already wheezing, I have to bring her to the PD. And yes, did I tell you it's CONFIRMED that she was wheezing. Thankfully, I brought her to the PD.

Her first encounter with the neubalizer, taking her course of antibiotics and some cough syrup for her cough and phlegm. Her milk intake dropped from 150ml to 100 ml as well as constant waking through the night, chocking on her phlegm.

On top of this, I oiled her with Melaleuca under her feet,

Dorado Azul on her chest and back when her airway sounded really congested. Dorado Azul is quite gentle, I even applied on her cheekbone and on her nose bridge. To note, the oils do not cure but rather it helps to balance back the body's healthy frequency and aids in faster recovery. The next morning, she sounded much better.

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

If you are a YLEO user, you would have known that R.C is temporary out of stocks. So these are the few essential oils I'm using to substitute R.C for  respiratory issues.

From the left: Eucalyptus Globolus (From USA)

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

Raven ( From USA);

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

as Young Living SG does not carry them. Raven works greatly for my sinus infection, my nose was basically running non stop, everything I tried does not seem to work. Until I tried Raven on my cheekbones, nose bridge and across my forehead, the next ten minutes, the runny nose finally came to an end !!

Dorado Azul (Scroll up), Eucalyptus Radiata; in terms of smell, it's lighter than Eu. Globolus. Being gentle, this is the preferred choice for children. It may help with flu, pink eye, congestion, bronchitis, expectorant, anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-viral & acne .

Last but not least my mini 5ml R.C,  from my Aroma Complete and using the above to oil her to recovery. I normally will order oils from US on a monthly basis. Feel free to drop me an email at if you need any EOs from US.

Photo credit : A drop at a time

On the fourth day, I bought her back for review, the PD stopped the nebuliser and changed it to the aero chamber instead, which makes it much more convenient to bring her out instead of rushing back home every four hourly to neb her.

Unfortunately, both siblings here had to go through this. Xav had acute bronchiolitis and was admitted twice in June and October 2009 when he was about 1 year and three months old and had another episode four months later.

Hope our little sweetie recover soon and I get back my restful nights... Not forgetting, big thank you to LM for loaning the set !

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I am a distributor (Member no. #1470886) of Young Living Essential Oils. Do note that Young Living Essential Oils reacts differently to individual body, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. They do not cure but rather it helps to balance the body frequencies back to the healthy range if you use them at an early onset while if your condition is already at a full blown stage, for us, the eos does help in speeding up the recovery process.

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