Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vaby - A box of surprise each month !

Last Sunday morning was spent exclusively with Vera

All dressed up !

 at The Playhouse (A restaurant in the park, a playhouse for kids),


when we attended the pre-launched of Vaby.


Vaby is a one-stop solution shopping destination for all your baby products and services for pregnant mums, mums to be and kids !

Vaby box contains samples of various products and services from different companies, specially customized according to the profile of the member, for the members to try out, should they subscribe to the monthly subscription @ $18.90, which contains product value of about $40.

You will receive a box of surprise for you to try, before you decide whether to commit to purchase the full size products or to patronize a particular service provider again, which can be purchase on Vaby Shop. You may even like to subscribe this as a gift for your friend!

Vaby does sell good quality babies and kids' apparels too ! I chose the following below for Vera and Xav. Thanks Vaby !

Ballet pink flutter skirt for Vera !

100% cotton - Navy pinstriped shirt for Xav

Vaby is making its official launch on 28th June 2014 and you are invited to join in the launch party !Simply sign up as Vaby's member, registration is FREE and you could stand a chance to be invited to the launch.

If you have been invited to the launch, do LIKE Vaby's Facebook page and received a Vaby Box during the launch (Limit to one box per member) and of course not forgetting your little ones who get to play for free on that day.

Want to be surprised ? Sign up now !

And it was a surprise for me too ! I met Veron for the first time, not knowing that she was the Veron whom I was in the same group chat with on Young Living Essential oil all along ! 

Photo Credit: Mumzilla

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Disclaimer : We were invited to the media event by Vaby Sg and was given the kids; apparels for review purposes. Are opinions are of my own.






Friday, June 20, 2014

Ultimate Comfort makes a Happy Baby & Happy Mummy !

As of June, our little cupcake here is 10 months old ! 2 more months to end her babyhood !! She has become more sociable with familiar faces. She will return you with a sweet smile when you look and talk to her in her eyes.

Friends have been asking me what did I do to make Vera to be so smiley ! They have seen me posting pictures of her on Facebook with her sweetest & biggest smile she can give me. One point which can never go wrong is to have the mobile phone with me all the time. The camera is always on standby mode to capture those priceless smiles  ! Apart from that, let me share some tips on how I have a Happy Baby !

Here are some tips for a Happy Baby :

- Set a ROUTINE for the baby; I feel that it is important to have one to serve me and . Both Xav and Vera were trained to be on routine feeding and sleep are almost similar. Babies love routine and I find that it allows me to anticipate the demands of the baby. At least the routine helps me to narrow down the possibilities of why is she cranky.

- AID the baby in their milestones; I observed and realised that after Vera has been on her fours and discovering that she could actually move around to reach for the things she wants, pushes herself up to be seated, next comes another major milestone, STANDING UP  ! Vera has attempted and is always pushing herself to stand up ! This is where I aided her, I gave her my arm as support, she gave me a big, wide smile when she managed to pull herself up using my arm as her support.

Look mummy ! I am trying to stand !
With regards to fine motor skills, if you are a new mum, you may want to note that prolong wearing of mittens may hinder the baby's fine motor skills. Yes, they will scratch with their soft and thin nails, so trim them often ! I learnt my lesson from Xav, he wore mittens till he was 4 months old and his fine motor skills were pretty much affected.

Hence, for Vera, we did away with the mittens as soon as she hit one month old. I am training her fine motor skills through eating Happy Puffs ! She needs to pick up the puff with her pincer grip and put into her mouth.

How would you like to be rewarded with the puff that you managed to pick up ! YAY !

Spot the puff !
 - PLAY time ; She has her love for certain toys. Since birth, the Ferris Wheel we bought from Hokkaido is her top favourite. She loves to see it turning round and round.

I sing to her everyday and babies love to hear familiar songs. Of the whole Letterland CD, she loves Annie Apple most ! Each time, I started singing Annie Apple swings in the tree ... ... ", she would wave her hands excitedly at me. I added on some simple actions too ! Watch that giggle !

She loves to "fly" in the air too with me carrying her up !

She is much into exploring objects with her mouth. Anything that is within her reach, she puts them into her mouth ! Anything that soothes her gums, go ahead and ask her if it tastes nice ! She will show u her smile to acknowledge.

; one of the most important factor of all ! It has got to be Drypers Wee Wee Dry to keep her butt cheeks fresh and dry !  Seriously, I love Drypers and it's the only brand you can find in my place.
Since birth, she is using Drypers for both day and night. This was our previous review. With the factors, affordability, design and how much can Drypers diapers can hold. My verdict was THUMBS UP for this new and improved Drypers Wee Wee Dry !

Vera wore the diaper overnight, for 12 hours, yes, diaper was full but best part of all, it doesn't leak ! Dryness and absorbency was enhanced. How does this sound to the moms, no need for diaper change in the night at all tantamount to a better night sleep.

The 4 Natural plant extracts; Vitamin E, Chamomile, Olive Extract & Aloe Vera, promoting healthy skin, keeping the baby's skin soft.

With new animal prints on the diapers !

The elastic band stretches for comfort, making sure the diapers are well fitted and does not pinch baby’s waist and thighs, allowing freedom of movement.

The elastic band that stretches for comfort

Of course not forgetting the Flexi-Tape that is specially design to allow multi-refastening, making diaper changing a breeze.

- Healthy Food and treats; I am trying out different vegetables for her in her weaning menu. I tried broccoli and she is taking it well. Latest menu was threadfin with spinach porridge.

The above are 5 simple tips to a happy baby. Do share with me your tips !

Here's a deal for the month of June 2014, with every purchase of 2 packs of Drypers Wee Wee Dry or Drypers Drypantz (To note, not the mini packs), Xavvy-licious' blog readers can receive a $10 FairPrice voucher when they email their proof of purchase, personal details (Name, address, contact number, child’s name and DOB) and unique code "Xavvylicious" to

You can also request for a sample of Drypers HERE. With all the factors above and value for money, I am sure that Vera will be wearing Drypers as long as she is not off diapers !

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Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Drypers Singapore. All opinions are of my own. No monetary compensation is involved.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vogue Coiffure

{This is not a sponsored post}

Yay to a new hairstyle which is shorter and with my requirements met after considering a few factors that made me decide that I shall just snip it shorter, cooler and funkier ! I discussed with Shang (Hair stylist) from Vogue Coiffure.

- Hair fall is one of the most upsetting factor. To prevent more hair fall, hair must be lighter, hence, best is to keep it short  !
- Stylish with minimal styling required and look feminine at the same time. I don't mind short, stylish and cool hair style but it must make me look like a lady when am wearing a dress, if you get what I mean.

Why minimal styling, handling a pre-schooler and a 10 month old baby, I am thankful if I have the time to visit the washroom ! I'm not kidding you, I am stuck with Vera most of the time if I were to go out, without a pram. I have no one to turn to when I need to hand her over should I need to visit the toilet. So in  a day, my visit to the washroom is between 2- 4 times.

- Mess in style. I hate applying hair spray or hair wax on my hair. It just leaves me a "sticky" feel. I told Shang, I want something that even when a strong gust of wind came and mess up my hair, I will still look good.

Last but not least, what I see in Shang being a hair stylist, she communicates with her client! She gave me a book on some hair styles. She narrowed down for me the kind of hair style which may suit my skinny, v shape face. No hard bangs but I need a soft look on my fringe. She totally understood what I wanted and I am seriously happy and satisfied with the hair cut ! This is what I takes to be a good hair stylist apart from having good skills. Good communication and respecting what clients want.

I highlighted a few strands as well ! Loving my new hair style ! Thanks Natasha for recommending this stylist ! Affordable and good ! I have got the right person to maintain this very short hair of mine !

Why Shang ? She did not rush through to cut my hair. She trimmed meticulously on one side and at the same time making sure that it's even along side to the other.

 The worst hair cut I had this year was in Malaysia. Just a trimmed made me just feel like putting on a plastic bag over my face !! I have to go for a second haircut within a week to make myself feel better !

Anyway, here's my new hairstyle ! 

The left and right
Shang (Hair stylist)
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Hotline : 6235 1721

Do note that Shang does not work on Sundays, call in to make an appointment before hand.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Journeying with Baby - Enrich. Embrace. Enjoy

This June, #Thomson Medical, co-joined with key partners and sponsors in health and maternity care, extends its tradition of continuing care and commitment to mothers and their children through their three-day inaugural event “Journeying with Baby”, walking the new parents and second time parents who have lost touch in this journey.

Photo credit : Thomson Baby

The three-day event is enhanced by a varied range of peripheral services offered by Thomson ParentCraft Centre - Childbirth Education Courses, Confinement Nanny Services, Dad’s Enrichment Programmes, and Homecare Service, just to name a few. There will also be a grand bazaar section where parents will get the best buys and bargains on milk, diapers, and all things maternity.

With a wide range of mother and baby activities - from picking up invaluable advice by medical experts on baby’s brain development, nutrition, latest trends on lifestyle & health, to confinement food cooking demonstration and tasting sessions, to a grand showcase of Thomson Medical’s baby concierge service, the Thomson Baby Planner; a gift registry service to provide cost savings for the couple to support their pregnancy journey. The Gift Registry is a service for members to let their family and friends know what is on their wish list so that they can receive as gifts instead of purchasing themselves.

New parents can also take part in Thomson Medical’s “Baby Shower Party” – a quest to gather the largest number of participants (Limited to 200 pregnant mums between Week 22 to 36) in a baby shower party . Attendees will be treated to a variety of on-site activities including a mass pre-natal exercise, a fashion show featuring the latest in maternity trends, contests, and pampering offers such as express manicure and hair makeover services.

This coming event provides an exciting opportunity for new parents to learn about the importance of pregnancy health and wellness, and beyond, and at the same time prepare for the coming of the new addition through great bargains for essential baby products, baby care and maternity services.

So, Embrace this exciting parenthood journey, be Enriched with the know-hows of parenting, and most importantly, Enjoy the journey! 

Thomson Medical presents "Journeying with Baby"
Date : 20 – 22 June 2014
Friday & Saturday, 11am – 9pm
Sunday, 11am – 8pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Halls 401 – 402

For more information, you can visit the website:

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Disclaimer: This is a media invitation from Thomson Medical. No monetary compensation is involved.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vera's 1st Wheeze ......

If you agree, after being a mum, your instincts to certain things are pretty sharp. For my situation, my instincts never ever once failed me. My suspicion is always right and intervention was done as soon as I feel that it's getting out of control !

@ 10 months 10 days old, Vera fell sick for the third time, counting right from her birth. The previous two episodes, she was running a fever and having  runny nose and a little phlegm which eventually went away with application of Young Living Essential Oil; Thieves, RC / Raven. These three works great for her. For her fever, it normally takes her three days to break with the help of consistent oiling with Thieves & Peppermint Essential Oils (Read my review HERE). Some friends shared with me that Lavender and Lemon essential oils does help with fever too.

The third time was unfortunately not as easy, after a viral kiss from her kor kor who was having a wet nose, Vera started having wet nose and she actually have a bad nasal drip which caused her to sound so congested whenever she breathed in. Cough started to kick in and  she was perfectly well, no sign of crankiness but I felt "vibrations" from her little body. The bugs were definitely much stronger than before !

I observed further and started to hear weird sounds coming out from her as she breathed (it was pretty loud)  I told myself to confirm my suspicion that she is already wheezing, I have to bring her to the PD. And yes, did I tell you it's CONFIRMED that she was wheezing. Thankfully, I brought her to the PD.

Her first encounter with the neubalizer, taking her course of antibiotics and some cough syrup for her cough and phlegm. Her milk intake dropped from 150ml to 100 ml as well as constant waking through the night, chocking on her phlegm.

On top of this, I oiled her with Melaleuca under her feet,

Dorado Azul on her chest and back when her airway sounded really congested. Dorado Azul is quite gentle, I even applied on her cheekbone and on her nose bridge. To note, the oils do not cure but rather it helps to balance back the body's healthy frequency and aids in faster recovery. The next morning, she sounded much better.

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

If you are a YLEO user, you would have known that R.C is temporary out of stocks. So these are the few essential oils I'm using to substitute R.C for  respiratory issues.

From the left: Eucalyptus Globolus (From USA)

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

Raven ( From USA);

Photo Credit: Motivated Families

as Young Living SG does not carry them. Raven works greatly for my sinus infection, my nose was basically running non stop, everything I tried does not seem to work. Until I tried Raven on my cheekbones, nose bridge and across my forehead, the next ten minutes, the runny nose finally came to an end !!

Dorado Azul (Scroll up), Eucalyptus Radiata; in terms of smell, it's lighter than Eu. Globolus. Being gentle, this is the preferred choice for children. It may help with flu, pink eye, congestion, bronchitis, expectorant, anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-viral & acne .

Last but not least my mini 5ml R.C,  from my Aroma Complete and using the above to oil her to recovery. I normally will order oils from US on a monthly basis. Feel free to drop me an email at if you need any EOs from US.

Photo credit : A drop at a time

On the fourth day, I bought her back for review, the PD stopped the nebuliser and changed it to the aero chamber instead, which makes it much more convenient to bring her out instead of rushing back home every four hourly to neb her.

Unfortunately, both siblings here had to go through this. Xav had acute bronchiolitis and was admitted twice in June and October 2009 when he was about 1 year and three months old and had another episode four months later.

Hope our little sweetie recover soon and I get back my restful nights... Not forgetting, big thank you to LM for loaning the set !

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I am a distributor (Member no. #1470886) of Young Living Essential Oils. Do note that Young Living Essential Oils reacts differently to individual body, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. They do not cure but rather it helps to balance the body frequencies back to the healthy range if you use them at an early onset while if your condition is already at a full blown stage, for us, the eos does help in speeding up the recovery process.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pan fried Pork Ribs with Premium Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste

I "experimented" this no brainer quick-fix yet seriously additive dish - Pan fried pork ribs ! Not wanting to steam the ribs as per usual. So here I am !

I went to the butcher and got him to chop up the ribs into bit size and marinated with just the following :
- Salt
- Sugar
- Premium Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste (I bought it from NTUC)

I pan fried  the ribs till cooked and with a little "burnt" parts. If you are thinking of what food to prepare to snack on for the coming World Cup, this could be one of the easiest you can prepare but BEWARE ! It can be ADDICTIVE ! 

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar

Conveniently located at it's centralised location, easily accessible by public transport and cars, after you exit from Outram Park MRT Station, Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar is tucked at a corner, right beside Dorsett Residence.

Photo Credit : Roosevelt's Diner & Bar

I didn't know of the existence until we attended the media event for KidsMe Singapore. Roosevelt’s is a big easy, laid back kind of diner for everyone at any time of the day.

There is always something for everyone ! Be it a sumptuous breakfast in the morning or a cup of good coffee to perk you up, a quick lunch, relax the afternoon way with some cocktails or a glass if wine, hearty dinners!

And of course not missing out the delectable desserts as well !

One of the most important factor, most parents would look out for if the restaurant is kids friendly. Roosevelt’s is equipped with baby-chairs and spacious seating, and drawing blocks with non-toxic crayons to keep your little bubs entertained.

Busy parents who needs to find time to catch up with friends can consider arranging your meet up at Roosevelt's ! Roosevelt’s also offers healthy meal options for children- featuring ‘real’ foods, fresh produce and ingredients.

Roosevelt has crafted a yummy yet nutritious menu for the little ones, featuring items such as kids’ Fish & Chips, Apple Oatmeal, and Roast Chicken Omelette. The Fish & Chips are made from dory fish coated in a house-made batter;

Fish & chips

Spaghetti bolognese

Roast Chicken Omelette makes for a dairy-free and gluten-free comfort food.

Buttermilk waffles with mixed berries

Kids' favourite, not to mention that it will be Xav's favourite too ! Crisp on the outside , fluffy on the inside.


This rich and dense flourless chocolate cake is a must try if you are a chocolate lover.

Flourless chocolate cake

I super, duper love the Apple Forest Berries Crumble ! It's freshly bake upon ordering and served with a handful of fruits and caramelised apple slices. I love the texture of the crunchy and chewy granola crumbs, topped with a dollop of ice cream. The taste was just nice for my liking and I tell you, I am so going to go back for it again which I did. You would not feel sinful eating this !

Apple forest berries crumble

Yes, did I say that I love the Apple forest berries crumble and craved for it ? I went back the second time two weeks later with a group of friends and they heart the food too !

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is located at :
331, New Bridge Road
Dorsett Residences (Near exit of Outram Park Station, NEL exit)
Singapore 088764

Telephone : 6538 3518
email :
Insta: @rooseveltsdinerbar
twitter: @rooseveltsdiner

Operating hours:
Mon to Thurs : 830am - 10pm
Fri and Sat : 830am - midnight 
Sun : 830am - 10pm 

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Disclaimer : We have been invited to attend KidsMe Singapore media event and was given the above dishes complimentary to fill our tummies. No monetary compensation is involved.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Identify that passport !

This is such a cool idea isn't it ! I saw the picture from Susan and got to know that the idea originated from Scissors Paper Stone Blog.

I always have this problem of digging through the handbag, flipping open every cover to see whose face is that before I distribute to the correct person.
I got so excited to sit down with my box of washi tape collection and have decided to go with these four. Able to guess whose is whose ?

What a great way to find another usage of Washi tapes ! For more ideas on how I used the washi taapes, click HERE !

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