Friday, May 23, 2014

My healthier version of Nasi Lemak

Cooking always make possible if the daddy is at home, not that when he is not, I can't cook but when he is around, I can cook better. =)

My cheat sheet for cooking Nasi Lemak (The healthier way).

No deep fried wings nor rice with coconut milk. I made use of what I can find in my fridge. But of course, I planned to buy this at Cold Storage. There are two types. Make sure you get the Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli and not just Sambal Chilli (It's tad spicy from the comments which I read through).

I washed the ikan bilis, spread them out and toasted them dry, till they turned golden brown. (Temperature around 160 - 180 deg)

Scoop out the amount you want to serve, toss in the sambal chilli

Pan-fried kunning fish. My mum helped me to clean out the fish because I don't know to ! Too pampered by the cleaning service at the market ! Just marinate the fish with salt, rinse off and pat dry.

For busy mums, go try CP honey wings ! Already marinated as it comes in the pack, I merely just defrost off hands and throw them all to bake in the oven. Hassle FREEEE and it tasted great ! Each  time, they will leave no wings behind and wipe out everything !

As for rice, I cooked normal white rice.  You can add pandan leaves for some nice fragrance but I did not have it with me. Slice some cucumber and you are good to go ! 

My homemade nasi lemak

Have a great weekend !!

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