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{ Media Invite } KidsMe Food Feeder

[Media Invite] We were invited by Totsworld (Exclusive Distributor of Kidsme) to know more about the award winning, Kidsme Food Feeder, how to use it and its benefits. Kidsme Singapore launched their products earlier this April if you have spotted them at the Baby Expo Fair 2014.

The event was held at Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, which was conveniently located right beside Outram Park Mrt,where Dorsett Residence is.

Nice meeting up with Blogging mummies, Jolin, Ting, Charlene, Ju Ann and Cindy !

Photo Credit : Missy Qiqi

The session began with Ms Qiqi, demostrating the use of Kidsme Multi Function Food Scissors.

Seriously, the one who invented this saves Stay-at-home-mums more time in washing ! Instead of washing the wire mesh which can be very frustrating when the food particles get stuck in the teeny weeny tiny holes, the scissors, the fork or spoon, simply replace all these with Kidsme Multi Function Food Scissors to do all the task !

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

I tried using it to prepare avocado puree, what a breeze to cut, scoop and mash with using just one tool ! But I wish the surface area of the mesh could be bigger so that I can mash more food in a shorter duration.

Back to the event, the award winning Kidsme Food Feeder was up next !

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

It looks like a huge pacifier !

Kidsme Food Feeder

How would this Food Feeder benefits the baby ? It actually allow babies to learn how to chew on their food with the aid of the Food Feeder.

The importance of chewing as it aids in :
- speech development (The actions of mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw when they chew, are the same motor skills which works on the same muscles which is needed for speech development.)
- the body  to break down the food into smaller particles, making it easier for digestion purposes.
- stimulation of saliva production, which contains (digestive) enzymes which helps to break down fats and starches. It aids in digestions and better nutrients absorption.

The different textures required different oral motor skills. For example: Pureed & lumpy food > encourage chewing > tongue exercise

Solid food > chewing > develop and strengthen jaw, as well as lips and tongue muscle

It's pretty much cool ! You can put chunks of food/fruit into the silicon holder and give it to the baby. What I like about it compared to those mash kind of food holder, the silicon holder is easier to wash and able to sterilise.
One of the babies trying out the Food Feeder on the spot

Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother comforts the baby’s sore gums. The food grade textured silicone is safe, soft and provides relief. With its innovative design it can also be used as an ice lolly, simply fill the cap with your baby’s favourite drink or puree and freeze.

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

Vera's the happiest when she has something "new" for her to chew on to soothe her gums. I love the prints on the handle as well as a cap to cover the teether when it is not in used.
I love the Icy Moo Moo Soother !
"The kidsme PPSU Diamond Milk Bottle combines elegance, modern design, and premium PPSU material to create the most exquisite bottle for your baby. It takes inspiration from the Sancy Diamond, a magnificent pale yellow, shield-shaped 55 carat diamond, It is made with PPSU, one of the safest bottle materials available today, and offers superb clarity and durability. The flexible, removable handles provide ease and comfort to your baby while feeding.  (From Kidsme Press Release)

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

> PPSU is more expensive than normal PP/PES milk bottles
> Normal plastic milk bottles are encourage to change every 6 months, PPSU can last more than 6 months (under proper care and washing).

One more great news to announce and that is Kidsme products will hit the retail stores in July 2014. Watch out for them !

To purchase KidsMe products, do visit Totsworld !
After the event, we got a session of food tasting by Roosevelt's Diner & Bar. Check out the upcoming post on the food review of this family friendly restaurant.

We did not forget taking a selfie before we left ! 

From the left : Ting, Jolin & Me

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Disclaimer : We were given the above mentioned Kidsme products for review purposes. All opinions are of my own, no monetary compensation is involved.





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