Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Personalised bunting cake topper

Here's a simple and easy way to diy a personalised bunting to top a birthday cake ! I was helping a friend with it and decide to share the easy steps.

You'll just need:
- a cardstock of your choice
- some twines
- satay sticks
- alpha stickers or glitter glue
- cutter
- glue tape
- a tiny banner die (optional if you do not have a die cutting machine, I use Lawn Fawn - Stitched Journaling Card Die)

Step 1. Cut out the required number of rectangles of the same size of your preferred choice. Cut a "V" at one end.

Step 2 : Score 0.3 cm from the top and fold down. Open up and roll the glue tape on the end from inside so that when you arrange it along the twine, it can "sealed" the twine in. (Refer to the pic below)

Step 3 : Tie the ends (twines) of the banners to the sticks as shown and stick on the alpha stickers or you may use glitter glue or markers to pen the name.

Here you are ! A personalized bunting topper for the special one !

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