Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The ladies' gonna love this - SnapSack Bags !

Alert for all mummies, crafters, scrapbooking ladies or even oiling mums ! Check out the really cool SnapSack™ bags !

When I first saw SnapSack™ bags at the display table,

I was in love with it for the following reasons:
- The tote bag felt strong and durable (Dfinayely not flimsy).
The SnapSack™ bags are made from the finest quality laminated cotton canvas. Double nylon threading was used to ensure durability.

- Washi tapes, deco rolls, photo printer, embellishment, sticklers and stickers flooded my mind (crafting mode SWITCHED ON)

- The theme of the bag can be changed (Let the photos tell the story !). It comes with a detachable cover, made of breathable plastic that allows you to insert photos or crafts easily without sticking and nine “male” snaps to attach unique plastic cover or SnapSack™ Snaps (Coming soon)

Removable holder comes in four 3.5” x 5” windows

The event  started with the introduction by the creator of SnapSack™ bags, Anna Hart and her daughter, Zoe. Through the introduction, it was nice knowing that with every sale of SnapSack™ bags, part of the sale proceedings for each individual bag will go to "Room to Read" partners with communities across the developing world to promote literacy and gender equality in education by establishing libraries, constructing classrooms, publishing local-language children’s books, training educators and supporting girls’ education as they believe all children in equality regardless of the gender, deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that investing in education now will pay dividends for generations to come.
The array of markers, glue sticks,  stencils, scissors & cardstocks to choose from

If you decide not to attach the removable plastic holder, you can get the Clips on GEMS and snap onto the bag.

Clips on GEMS at $18 per pack

our crafting mode on !

working with the stencil

Xav managed to find some more boyish  templates at the later part, spot those ball prints ! He personalized a handbag of his very own with his name on it.

Here are the kids' very own SnapSack™ Handbag

New friends found with Anna's boys !

SnapSack™ bags are most ideal as :
- Baby shower gifts for mums as diaper bags or as a gift to for them to allow the mother and child to have a great bonding time together.
- Birthday gift for crafters who love to craft and personalize a bag of their own, carrying momentos & memories with them
- Teachers' Day for teachers to hold their books and papers
- Oiling mums out there to note ! Seriously, I love how the detachable & waterproof holder, I can now create my own Raindrop Technique instruction chart with the list of oils and method, conveniently, placed in the holder (When I do the massage, all I need to do is to place SnapSack™ Handbag right beside me to refer to without having to flip the book with my oily hands)

Here is a short video on how to use SnapSack Handbag

To view or purchase the products, do visit : or visit the SnapSack Facebook Page for future updates.

The founder of SnapSack, Ms Anna has generously sponsored one SnapSack™ Handbag  & a set of SnapSack Gems (Worth $86.10) to one of  Xavvy-licious' readers. Simply follow the following steps :

1. Like SnapSack & Xavvy-licious Fanpage
2. Share with us what will be the theme of you SnapSack™ Handbag and leave behind your name and email address at the Fanpage entry or you can drop us a pm.
3. Liked & Share the Fanpage entry on your wall and tag us @xavvy-licious

Do note that Giveaway is from 28th May - 3rd June 2014, 2359 hrs and it's open to all readers residing in Singapore.

Winner will be notified by email ! Good luck !

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Disclaimer: We were invited to the SnapSack Launch Tea Party, no monetary compensation was involved. We were given a SnapSack Handbag to bring home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Personalised bunting cake topper

Here's a simple and easy way to diy a personalised bunting to top a birthday cake ! I was helping a friend with it and decide to share the easy steps.

You'll just need:
- a cardstock of your choice
- some twines
- satay sticks
- alpha stickers or glitter glue
- cutter
- glue tape
- a tiny banner die (optional if you do not have a die cutting machine, I use Lawn Fawn - Stitched Journaling Card Die)

Step 1. Cut out the required number of rectangles of the same size of your preferred choice. Cut a "V" at one end.

Step 2 : Score 0.3 cm from the top and fold down. Open up and roll the glue tape on the end from inside so that when you arrange it along the twine, it can "sealed" the twine in. (Refer to the pic below)

Step 3 : Tie the ends (twines) of the banners to the sticks as shown and stick on the alpha stickers or you may use glitter glue or markers to pen the name.

Here you are ! A personalized bunting topper for the special one !

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Monday, May 26, 2014

{ Sponsored Review } June School Holiday Accelerated Phonics Program @ Mindchamps Reading & Writing City Square Mall

Yet to plan for the coming June school holidays ? Check out the June School Holiday Accelerated Phonics Program. It is an essential phonics foundation program covering all the phonetic sounds from A to Z. Here's a glimpse of what's going on in the class as we sat in for a two hours session last week.

The trainer went through all the phonetic sounds and getting the children to give words that start with the particular letter from A-Z. Long and short vowels were being covered as well,

There was a section on e-reading where the children listens as the clip was played, they were asked to spot and read out rhyming words, sing along and higher thinking order skills was practised.

A segment to allow the children to boost their confidence when speaking in front of everyone. The children were asked to give a short presentation on three things they would love to share about their mummy or daddy. The trainer emphasised on the following as well:
- Greetings to the audience
- Always remain quiet when their friends are presenting

Of course given the talkative Xav, he talked about both his mummy and daddy ! Am really thankful that after a three years stinct with MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM, he has no problem with presenting in front of groups. This was my review if you have missed it.

The last part covers on workbook activity which includes penmanship, e-guided reading activity & reflection point etc.

This program is a specially designed 10-lesson program tailored for children between the age of 4 to 7 years who are trying to transit from knowing single letter sounds to eventually mastering the skill to blend and read independently.  Do note that to join the program, the child must have at least the basic fundamental in phonics.

The June School Holiday Accelerated Phonics Program will be held on :

16 - 20 June 2014 & 23 - 27 June 2014 , 10 am - 12 pm

Photo credit: Mindchamps Family

To find out more about the  June School Holiday Accelerated Phonics Programdo give
MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM a call @ 66349232 / 90886051 or
email to :

MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM is also currently running their 5th anniversary promotion. Check out their attractive 5th Anniversary Deal ! For all Xavvy-licious' Readers, just quote "Xavvylicious" to get the following perks !!

- Enrol for 3 terms and get the 4th term FREE !!
- A complimentary reading assessment (Worth $80)
- 2 MindChamps Reading Books (At staff's random selection, while stock last)

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, no monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of my own.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My healthier version of Nasi Lemak

Cooking always make possible if the daddy is at home, not that when he is not, I can't cook but when he is around, I can cook better. =)

My cheat sheet for cooking Nasi Lemak (The healthier way).

No deep fried wings nor rice with coconut milk. I made use of what I can find in my fridge. But of course, I planned to buy this at Cold Storage. There are two types. Make sure you get the Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli and not just Sambal Chilli (It's tad spicy from the comments which I read through).

I washed the ikan bilis, spread them out and toasted them dry, till they turned golden brown. (Temperature around 160 - 180 deg)

Scoop out the amount you want to serve, toss in the sambal chilli

Pan-fried kunning fish. My mum helped me to clean out the fish because I don't know to ! Too pampered by the cleaning service at the market ! Just marinate the fish with salt, rinse off and pat dry.

For busy mums, go try CP honey wings ! Already marinated as it comes in the pack, I merely just defrost off hands and throw them all to bake in the oven. Hassle FREEEE and it tasted great ! Each  time, they will leave no wings behind and wipe out everything !

As for rice, I cooked normal white rice.  You can add pandan leaves for some nice fragrance but I did not have it with me. Slice some cucumber and you are good to go ! 

My homemade nasi lemak

Have a great weekend !!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{ Media Invite } KidsMe Food Feeder

[Media Invite] We were invited by Totsworld (Exclusive Distributor of Kidsme) to know more about the award winning, Kidsme Food Feeder, how to use it and its benefits. Kidsme Singapore launched their products earlier this April if you have spotted them at the Baby Expo Fair 2014.

The event was held at Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, which was conveniently located right beside Outram Park Mrt,where Dorsett Residence is.

Nice meeting up with Blogging mummies, Jolin, Ting, Charlene, Ju Ann and Cindy !

Photo Credit : Missy Qiqi

The session began with Ms Qiqi, demostrating the use of Kidsme Multi Function Food Scissors.

Seriously, the one who invented this saves Stay-at-home-mums more time in washing ! Instead of washing the wire mesh which can be very frustrating when the food particles get stuck in the teeny weeny tiny holes, the scissors, the fork or spoon, simply replace all these with Kidsme Multi Function Food Scissors to do all the task !

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

I tried using it to prepare avocado puree, what a breeze to cut, scoop and mash with using just one tool ! But I wish the surface area of the mesh could be bigger so that I can mash more food in a shorter duration.

Back to the event, the award winning Kidsme Food Feeder was up next !

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

It looks like a huge pacifier !

Kidsme Food Feeder

How would this Food Feeder benefits the baby ? It actually allow babies to learn how to chew on their food with the aid of the Food Feeder.

The importance of chewing as it aids in :
- speech development (The actions of mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw when they chew, are the same motor skills which works on the same muscles which is needed for speech development.)
- the body  to break down the food into smaller particles, making it easier for digestion purposes.
- stimulation of saliva production, which contains (digestive) enzymes which helps to break down fats and starches. It aids in digestions and better nutrients absorption.

The different textures required different oral motor skills. For example: Pureed & lumpy food > encourage chewing > tongue exercise

Solid food > chewing > develop and strengthen jaw, as well as lips and tongue muscle

It's pretty much cool ! You can put chunks of food/fruit into the silicon holder and give it to the baby. What I like about it compared to those mash kind of food holder, the silicon holder is easier to wash and able to sterilise.
One of the babies trying out the Food Feeder on the spot

Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother comforts the baby’s sore gums. The food grade textured silicone is safe, soft and provides relief. With its innovative design it can also be used as an ice lolly, simply fill the cap with your baby’s favourite drink or puree and freeze.

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

Vera's the happiest when she has something "new" for her to chew on to soothe her gums. I love the prints on the handle as well as a cap to cover the teether when it is not in used.
I love the Icy Moo Moo Soother !
"The kidsme PPSU Diamond Milk Bottle combines elegance, modern design, and premium PPSU material to create the most exquisite bottle for your baby. It takes inspiration from the Sancy Diamond, a magnificent pale yellow, shield-shaped 55 carat diamond, It is made with PPSU, one of the safest bottle materials available today, and offers superb clarity and durability. The flexible, removable handles provide ease and comfort to your baby while feeding.  (From Kidsme Press Release)

Photo Credit : Kidsme Singapore

> PPSU is more expensive than normal PP/PES milk bottles
> Normal plastic milk bottles are encourage to change every 6 months, PPSU can last more than 6 months (under proper care and washing).

One more great news to announce and that is Kidsme products will hit the retail stores in July 2014. Watch out for them !

To purchase KidsMe products, do visit Totsworld !
After the event, we got a session of food tasting by Roosevelt's Diner & Bar. Check out the upcoming post on the food review of this family friendly restaurant.

We did not forget taking a selfie before we left ! 

From the left : Ting, Jolin & Me

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Disclaimer : We were given the above mentioned Kidsme products for review purposes. All opinions are of my own, no monetary compensation is involved.





Friday, May 16, 2014

[ Foodie Friday ] Vera's weaning menu

Yay !! It's Foodie Friday ! But today, no kids friendly cafes reviews nor restaurant hopping. Today will be all about Vera's weaning menu !

I started her pretty late in weaning as compared to Xav's time. I started to wean her on semi solids when she was about 6.5 months old.

Getting more fun when coming to meals time ! The only time she can mess up or self feed if she wants to !

My Kitty
I started her weaning menu with apples, carrots and pumpkin puree at the initial stage. Introducing her one food per week. I will steam and put into the hurom slow juicer to make into puree or simply just mash up with a fork. I will make in portions so that I can freeze. It saves time comparing to preparing them everyday. I find it easier to manage my time this way.

Then, I came to realise after Vera is on semi-solid, she starts to constipate. Her PD told me that the above three food which I mentioned, cannot be feed everyday as it helps to harden stools even bananas ! I started to trace back and realised it was the pumpkin which I have been feeding her for that week.

Vera did not seem to fancy bananas, each time I fed her, she will just pushed it out of her mouth.
Banana chunks

I was advised to feed more soft food like papaya and pears. I bought China Snow Pears (xue li) to try, steamed and mashed it up before I mixed in the cereal. It's about 2 tablespoons of puree with 2-3 tablespoons of Healthy Times Organic Cereal with formula milk.

Snow Pear Puree + Cereal

 I gave her pureed plums as well !

Since, she is on the smaller size, this mummy would love to give her some "fats". Thankfully and hopefully she is an easy eater like her brother. In case, you are a noob like me when comes to buying avocado, I googled and saw this image which I followed, to choose a ripe avocado.

Just mashed it up and mixed into cereal with milk.

I introduced beetroot to Vera earlier this week. Beetroot contains powerful antioxidant betacyanin, which gives it the red hue. It helps to boosts the body's natural defences in liver, regenerating immune cells. It contains silica as well, important for healthy skin, bones, fingernails, ligaments and tendons. More benefits can be found from my previous post in 2010, when Xav was being introduce to.

After on bottle strike for at least half a year, she is now getting better ! Credits go to the daddy who supported me by feeding her with bottles while I try to alternate her feeds every 4 hourly between the boobs and the bottle as I am slowly weaning her off as I need to attend a convention in US, in a few weeks time.

In the mean time, weaning her on semi solid is kind of a breeze for now as she seems to be a much better eater than the brother. Just a few days ago, she had the first taste of rice ! The journey of weaning is going to be much more interesting for her as she is looking forward to the different kinds of food out there !

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