Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hop. Search. Unscramble Contest + Review of Lollibox - Supereheros Theme

Lollibox came in just nice for Xav who is just so into Superheros recently. When I received the email from the Lollibox Team, asking which theme would I choose for Xav. Need I say more, he chose Superheros without thinking twice.

Filled with excitement, he received this from the friendly postman who came knock, knock,knocking on our door, Lollibox !

Here's looking into what he can create, discover and enrich himself !

Contents in the Superheros theme box

He can't wait to start and insisted to start working on his mighty cape before he went to bed.

Instead of his initial "X", he chose "S" because he told me he wanted to be SUPER. I assisted him to draw a "S" and he did the rest by himself, tearing the backing of the felt and sticking it cautiously.

My Superhero's Identity Card

With a cape, an Identity Card, a cuff and a mask ! Watch me !   

He decorated the mask by himself and he told me the feathers were to send out signals !

Ready for mission !
Reading too much of Eric Carle's books. He said he wanted to be a "Mixed-up Superhero" instead of  "The mixed-up Chameleon".

So here you can a mixture of Captain America, Spiderman, Superman as well as Iron Man ! Watch his powers as he combined forces with the different heros in him !

The mixed up Superhero !

I took this opportunity to seek some help from my Super Hero (To clear the messy living room) ! We pretended to send out signals to each other ! I "transmitted" a signal to ask for his help to save the planet earth as it was "flooded" with toys all over and I would need the Super Hero to help me clear them away.

Good way to get him clear his toys ! He told me not to throw away the box as it makes a better box to house his citibloks.

Tah-dah ! Mission accomplished !

Mission accomplished !

The cape was on him most of the time, this Superhero is kind of emo too ! He missed his Supere daddy who has gone overseas for two weeks, counting down to another week to welcome daddy back. Here's my Superhero, Xav, skyping with his super daddy.

Our imagination continues to run wild, role playing certain scenarios where I would require the superhero to get into action !

Time for some fun ? LOLLIBOX PRESENTS HOP. SEARCH. UNSCRAMBLE. Unravel the secret sentence contest.

Ready to start !!!??

Head on to Lollibox to receive your first piece of the secret sentence.

HOP around the list provided to search for the other words and unscramble them !

SEARCH through these mum bloggers' (Miracule, Ai, Cherie and Lyn) LolliBox reviews and collect all 5 pieces of the secret sentence.

UNSCRAMBLE them and form the secret sentence.

Enter your entry HERE and you stand to be one of the 5 winners to walk away with a LolliBox of your choice theme!

Winners will be selected based on answer accuracy.  The unraveling ends 11 April 2014.

To note:
- This contest is open to all residents of Singapore ! Be it locals, foreigners or PR, you are all welcome to participate in Hop . Search . Unscramble .
- Winners will be announced on Lollibox's Facebook page.
- Winners will be contacted via the contact details you have filled up in the form for the contest. Do remember not to leave out any of your details.    

Good luck and have fun !!

Congratulations to the following winners who has taken part in the Hop. Search. Unscramble Contest ! 

Deborah Gifford
Gan Say Bin
Chew Jun Fang
Xgg Chan
Lau Siang Hua

You can claim your prize from Lollibox within a month's time (17th May 2014) ! Oncec again thank you for your support ! 

Disclaimer: We were given a box of  Lollibox for review purpose. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of mine.

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L Lee said...

Thanks for the link! Looks like he had great fun!

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