Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crafting for Charity

If you have seen me posting on my Instagram and Facebook on #craftingforcharity. Yes this is it ! How nice ! I get to de-stress, craft and do charity !

We are crafting for a good cause to raise funds for MINDS by selling these handmade 6" by 6" cards. I have made these batch for the coming Mother's Day.

This is my first time producing "Flowery" theme cards, it's just not so like me. Anyway, I have made used of the materials RAK by a scrapper previously and some stacks of pretty papers which a crafter passed me whenever she has excess. I'm putting them into good use here ! Thanks Renee !

These cards are going for $2.50 each (Not inclusive of postage). I doubt you would be able to find similar cards at this  price in the retail mall if you ask me.

Should you need to customise a birthday card or thank you card. You can drop me an email at: for orders.

There are some other mums participating in this charity drive. So support us for this good cause ! Buy a card and do charity at the same time !
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