Thursday, February 6, 2014

The 52 Weeks Money Challenge !

This is for Stay-At-Home-Mums (like myself) / Dads with no income but probably surviving on the leftover change from grocery shopping or if you belong to the group drawing a full pay but each month you tend to spend it all, without managing to save any money or if you have a habit to save monthly and don't mind saving more and be $1378 richer by the end of 2014. Try this 52 weeks Money Challenge ! Was inspired by the post from Rachel on her facebook wall and Dinomama has a link for you to print out the sheet she has created.

I printed out and laminated it so that the paper can last. It goes like 1st week you put in $1, 2nd week you put in $2 and it goes on...... This week is Week 5, so I put $5 into the ziplock bag and strike off the date. Till date, this is week 5, I have accumulated $15 and it will go on till Week 52.

If you think you have more to spare, why not make a copy for your spouse as well and get your child started !

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