Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vera @ 4 mois - Making her "BALD" Statement !

Vera was born with quite a lot of hair as compared to Xav. I have to say that I was very reluctant to shave her head ! These three months, for an unknown reason, she loves to pull her hair whenever she is in frustration ! Slowly, the sides of her head were balding from the pulling and plucking ! Until the area was bald, she then reached for the hair on top of her head. Now it's me who is starting to pull my own hair after seeing such a thing happening ! Was it only Vera or other does your babies do this too ?

One day before Vera turned 4 months old, we brought her to have her head shaved at #Huaxia Tai Mao Bi and made a baby hair brush using her hair.

How reluctant to have her head shaved.

Vera : My new hairstyle isn't that bad !

Seriously, I have to say that it makes shampooing her head easier now and Vera is definitely happy with her own choice !

Obviously  happy with the new change !

Vera : I still look girly don't I, with the hairband on !

After a month ! Vera's hair started to grow ! How happy is she ! Growing up fast as she has just turned five months old !

Daddy, Mummy & Korkor's happy Vera !

Watch out for her new milestones !

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