Friday, January 24, 2014

Tott - Bake & Go !


Baking is not new to Xav as have always roped him in with me baking in the kitchen. Until I have decided not to engage a helper anymore and the arrival of Vera, I find it a dread to wash up after baking ! But ... I will still try simply because Xav says so ! He had once told me he missed baking with me in the kitchen. The idea of baking with his friends came just in time ! We spent the morning of new year's eve at with his little friends at TOTT.

Love the idea of Bake & Go ! No washing up sounds YAY  !!?  Each child is given a tray, a tin of dough, some cutters and a cutting mat to work on at their workstations. 

Bake & Go !

A quick group snap before they get their hands busy with the dough.

The little ones started working on their frozen dough. I do not know if it's just me ? At least a pair of glove, an apron or a hat for hygiene should be observed ? Are the staff supposed to provide us with a pair each or should we self service and help ourselves to it ? The kids would not be bothered anyway, only the mums probably.

Mummy...  the dough is so hard !

The six of them were busy exchanging cutters through out, while having some small talks and sang among themselves !

All ready to go into the oven !

While waiting for the cookies to be ready from the oven, we went for lunch at the café. There is a mini playroom located just next to the café too. Parents can dine in peace while kids play !

Delightful little ones after the baking session

Mums with little babies to note. There is a nursing room just next to the washrooms at Level 1. It will be locked up so what you need to do is to proceed to the Customer Service Counter and request for the key.

A cosy nursing room lies within the premises.

With a full length opaque blind which serves as a "door" of the  cubicle.

Do remember to ask for the air-con remote control ! I did not realise it was not in the room by itself before the staff left. End up, I was fanning Vera through out the whole feeding session.

Tott, host private parties too ! Good for a baking party if you do not want to host it at home ! Recently, Cherieladie blogged about attending a party there. We actually called and book for a private session. Each child is $14.50 for a session.

Not too bad for a place where you can SHOP, DINE, PLAY,  BAKE & GO and I love it because there is a NURSING ROOM !

TOTT is located at : 
896 Dunearn Road, Singapore 589472
Hotline : +65 6219 7077

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