Friday, January 3, 2014

Sage Formula Basic 500 Words

The beginning of a new year, new school term, I set my resolution to try to start teaching Xav more if time permits. This is the range of Sage Formula I bought sometime back and has completed going through the first book for reading only with Xav. I am trying to advance to something more than reading.

Sage Formula has a set of 25 books, 5 books each for each level (Beginning, Budding, Building, Confident & Fluent)

The set has 500 Chinese words which are commonly used and most are relevant to a child's day-to-day life.

Sage Formula Book 1 Level 1
Xav learns a new word from each lesson as he progressed. It comes with Hanyu Pinyin on top and as well as an English translation at the bottom of the character. The Hanyu Pinyin helps when it comes to words that parents can't read when teaching. Don't be surprise that there will be some words that are simple until we actually forget how to read them.

The words will then be repeated in subsequent lessons, working towards to build a solid foundation and understanding the use of the word.

As you go through each lesson, the sentences get longer. Personally, I find it good in giving the child an example of "Zao Ju"- forming sentences with a given word and "Pei Chi" as well.

Coming to the correct sequence of strokes. I love it as Sage Formula has the printed word in a pretty big size with the strokes numbered in sequence. I normally placed a transparency over it and Xav will use a washable marker to go through the strokes himself following the numbers.

I would use the books for reference as well when I, myself is not sure of some characters during the preparation of letting him practice writing. I teach him using the stroke sequencing method as per my last post, HERE.

So how to find out which book you have got ? The levels will be indicated by number 1 -5 as per the circled part on the left of the book.

Following by the circled button on the right, if you see only one small circle in it, it means Book 1. Book 2 will have 2 small circles and all the way till 5 small circles for Book 5.

ISBN number for this is 978-988-17005-0-6 if you wish to find it online.  I normally will wait for Popular Fairs where they have 50% off for the second book.

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Susan said...

I bought the beginner series for Sophie too and intend to use it with her. I like that the Chinese characters are big with clear strokes for writing.

xavvy said...

Susan, yes ! Love the size of the character ! Looks more friendly and easy to let them write.

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