Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mummy, WELL DONE !

It's just a few evenings ago, I was done with my dinner and Xav suddenly told me "Mummy, well done !! I shall give you a reward ok ?" I was stunned for a minute, thinking at the back of my mind, why the sudden praise by my pre-schooler ? He's watching me !!??

Then I replied Xav "Oh thank you ! But, what did mummy do to earn the reward" ? Xav replied, "Mummy, you know, you were good because you did not use your mobile phone or the laptop during your dinner. That's why I want to reward you"

Feeling happy and guilty at the same time after Xav gave me the  praise. I do have to admit the mobile phone is on my hands most of the time when I'm not carrying the baby. What's keeping me so occupied ? Mainly my Watsapp group chats and reading the Facebook updates. Sometimes, I do surf and google for home learning ideas while sometimes I'm busy sorting through the photos taken with my mobile phone to see which one can be deleted as the memory of the mobile phone is reaching it's max.

No, I hardly play games , so do not bother to send me game request. So if you happened to be reading this post, you will know why I did not respond to your request. I do not load movies too.

Those of you who are in the group chats with me, recently, if you realised, I have been slow in replying my messages, this is why. I am trying to cut down the usage of the mobile phone so that I can spend more quality time with Xav and the family.

One of my resolution for this year is to start exercising ! On the Saturday late afternoon, we decided to jog to Sengkang Swimming Pool from our place Fernvale.

Seriously, he was more than happy that I could join him ! Few days ago, I promised him that I will jog with him when there is a chance to do so.

My motivation and my pacer

We took a slow walk back after dinner and the next round was climbing up the stairs again.

This time round, I guess my stamina was better. Instead of panting at level 6. Now I could hold to Level 10 instead.

As per last round, Xav beat me again ! He reached the 20th floor first and I was this time round, 4 levels behind him.

Nice, quality time spent together with Xav as we motivated and encouraged each other along the journey. Am looking forward to have more of such sessions with him.

Daddies and mummies, do try spending more quality time with your children and partner by just putting away the phone. Am sure they will appreciate it.

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