Monday, January 13, 2014

Life skill for the month - Integrity

Integrity - a value which we have been constantly trying to teach Xav in simpler terms, honesty, uprightness, truthfulness, good character.

In some kids who have stronger characters, who can't lose out to others, cheated to win in a game or unable to be the lead as a result committing little actions just to get back to the other party, you will see that there is a need to steer them back onto the correct track. To me, the action may be small and harmless, but I do not tolerate such actions. Reason being, if the child continues to behave in such a manner, what kind of character would he/she grow up to be and to the parents, I feel that it deeply reflects on your upbringing of the child.

Just like when Xav plays with his daddy, at times, he does went overboard to "cheat" so that he can win but was eventually being exposed by us. To us, kids at their age, would want to win at times but the emphasis of winning with integrity is always there for him when such situation arises.

One of the mummies, has kindly shared a PDF File with 11 life skills which we can teach and emphasis to the little ones. Finally, I got myself to sit down and print them out to be sticked on the walls.

Good to start with one value a month and do a revision at the end of the year.

Created by Amy Marshell - The Resource(ful) Room
Which value will be looking at to start with ? Happy printing and start teaching them these life skills that can shape them for the rest of their lives.

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