Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY your own Minions Stationery Holder ! Beeeee Doh ! Beeeee Doh ! Activity for "SCHOOL OUT"- Day 17

{Backlog} If you happen to come to my place and see some empty toilet roll holders, no, please don't think I'm a hoarder. They come in handy when situations like a sudden request from the kiddo to make some craft out of it  arises.

During the last school holidays, we went to Suntec City, where the Minions Meet & Greet was held. Xav wanted to queue up for the Minions Pencil Holder Craft session. But at the same time, it was near to  Vera's feeding time. By the time, we queued and started crafting, am sure I will definitely end up having a cranky and crying baby.

So here's my promise to Xav that I will make the holders with him at home.

Materials that you'll need:
- Washi Tapes (Blue, Black &Yellow)
- Empty Toilet Roll Holders
- Black Marker
- Scissors
-  1/2 Inch and 1 inch circle puncher
- Black and white cardstocks
- Glue

Step 1 : Xav taped the entire toilet roll holder in yellow.

I assisted him to tape a letter "I" to form the jumper of the minions as shown below.

Step 2: Using the circle punchers, punched out 5 pieces of 1 inch black and white circles and 5 pieces of 1/2 inch circles.

I trimmed the white circles to a slightly smaller circles but bigger than  1/2 inch

For the eyes

Step 3 : Stick the 1/2 inch black circle onto the 1 inch (slightly smaller white circle) then  onto the 1 inch black circle. Then, the whole layered circle onto the toilet roll holder.

Step 4 : Cut out a strip of black washi tape and stick it as the frames. Using a marker, Xav drew on the expressions for the Minions !

Step 5 : Cut out three sqaures from the cardstock and stick at the base of the holders. Here we present
our Minions Stationery Holders !

Bee-doh 1 Bee-doh !

There are more ideas HERE on how we use washi tapes for crafts !

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