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Thinkertoyland - Speeding Kart {Review + Giveaway }

Christmas came early for Xav ! With courtesy from Inventive Kids Asia ! We had spotted the stall carrying Thinkertoyland™ construction sets at The Public Garden @ TripleOne Somerset and the latest roadshow at Compass Point Shopping Mall.

I am still thinking about what is the difference between Thinkertoyland™ construction sets and the Junior Engineer Set which Xav had from Growing Fun. Until Inventive Kids Asia kindly gave us a box for review.

Beaming away to get started with the Speeding Kart Set

I am always into getting construction toys for Xav, be it wooden blocks, Citiblocs, Duplos and Legos, I have it all in the house, putting in places within his reach. I have always believe in letting his creativity and imagination run as he constructs them.

Thinkertoyland - Speeding Kart Set, consists of a total of 96 pieces components in different shapes and sizes (Made of ABS materials ), which allows the child to be able to construct karts of three different designs.

96 pieces of brightly coloured interchangeable components

It comes with a coloured illustration, step by step guide on the construction of the speeding kart.

Wasting no time, Xav immediately set focus and started constructing the first kart the moment I opened up the set.

He could read the step by step guide by himself and self corrected by looking through the guide again should he fixed something not right.

This was how he studied, observed, picked out the correct pieces and problem solved from the guide. He did everything with minimal help except for at times, he required some assistance in pushing in the stiff parts and the oversized foam. I assisted him to  trim to the size to fit. I'm not sure if it only happened to this set or is it to  all the Speeding Kart Sets. This will be feedback accordingly as part of the review.


This is what I meant by letting his imagination runs, half way constructing, he told me the part he was holding can be a pistol !

Look at his proud grin after he accomplished it ! Spot his add-ons of his little Lego figurines !

We had a great yet rare mummy and Xav bonding time, constructing together when the baby was sleeping.

Another design constructed by us

Here's a short clip on after he accomplished his kart.

After having to play with the set, what made Thinkertoyland™ construction sets stand out are :
- it allows a child to create a movable prototype
- it is environmentally-friendly, the ABS material exceeds all current US and European toy safety standards. Thinkertoyland™ construction sets’ new and improved patented designs have 11 patents with 7 more pending.
- Thinkertoyland™ creations are movable together with gears, strings, wheels ! Imagine creating a spinning merry-go-round, a working forklift or a windmill that works. Using the connectors and different components, there is no limit to what the children can create !
- With 16 different themes to choose from and most importantly it's affordable with the price ranging from $10 - $189.
- Suitable for children age 3 and above.

What I personally like as a consumer, Inventive Kids Asia actually maintains a blog that documents down on how to further utilise the sets based on their encounters with different parents met during their sales / roadshows etc. You have a site that you can check back for more ideas and sharing.

If you are keen in the workshops, Inventive Kids Asia does run workshops in the community centres too ! You can check out their future workshops HERE. 

This' the season to be jolly !  Inventive Kids Asia has generously sponsored a set of Thinkertoyland Set (Worth $49.90) of your choice, to one lucky reader of Xavvy-licious . Simply follow the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Giveaway is open to all readers residing in Singapore only and will end on 24th December 2013. Winner will be notified by email.

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Cen-Lin Ting said...

So cool! I hope to win one for Kyle! Same as you, we love anything construction and building!

Mamamie said...

I hope to win this ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Would luv to win a set. My 小宝 luvs building too and same like u, i have all kinds of blocks lying around for easy access.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Shirley Yong

Anonymous said...

hope to win this for someone special ! thanks for hosting the giveaway. :)


Anonymous said...

Great toys for my 3 little nephews to play with!! Hope to win for the 3 brothers. Many thanks for the introduction!


Anonymous said...

hope to win for my boys


Mami Z said...

Hope to win this! ;)


Anonymous said...

This is great! :)

OnGmama said...

Sharing is caring! Thanks Serene for hosting :)

Crystal said...

Hope to win this!

Thank you for hosting and merry Christmas!


marveille said...

It's a boy's things! Am sure it will keep ah boy occupied!

Mummy J said...

Great for creativity. Hope to win one.

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