Sunday, December 29, 2013

Omelette Pork Floss Roll

Last week was pretty bad, hubby was busy with work for that entire week. One of the evenings, I was stuck at home with a baby and a pre-schooler, can't even call for Macdonald's delivery due to a thunderstorm.

Left with no choice but to search through what in my fridge and what dish I can whipped up within a short time frame. No time for defrosting as well !

Found some eggs and pork floss and here it is ! I made omelette with pork floss roll !

I used three eggs, beat the yolks and whites  together, add some seasoning like pepper and soy sauce.

Pour the batter over the pan and cooked till slightly golden brown.

Sprinkle a layer of pork floss

Roll it up and secure with food picks
Slice them into portion and ready to serve

Having not been hands on in the kitchen for these past two years, suddenly seems to be a little forgetful ! I should have faced the end of the omelette downwards for a better presentation !

Oh well, anyway, this was very well received by Xav. You think he would be bothered which side is facing which ? He just loved the pork floss and the pandas =p

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