Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Personalized cakesters for this Christmas !

Frosty the snowman !! Something personalize for your party ? If you have the time, try making personalized cakester to make it more special ! I did this for one of my Christmas Favours orders years back.

All you need is :
Oreo Cookies
Edible markers
Tools to imprint the name on the fondant

1. I wrapped the oreo cookie with the blue fondant.
2. Wrapped half the oreo cookie with white fondant.
3. Cut out two small circles using white fondant for the head and body.
4. Use the edible marker to add on the features and buttons on the snowman.
5. Use dragees to decorate as snow.
6. Form the name and imprint it onto the fondant and you are done !


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