Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ending 2013 with a good note ! Welcome 2014 !!

One more day to welcome 2014 ! A new year,  a new beginning as I have decided to forgo that peanuts yet  not so little salary of mine and return as a Stay Stuck- At-Home-Mum. The beginning of no MCs, no leave, no holidays, no pay but will  be rewarded with Vera's toothless smiles and being able to witness all her very first milestones. As for Xav, I'm glad I'm back with him again, making nice food & bentos for him as per his request.

Generally, 2013 has been smooth sailing, minus of the part when I was so depressed with my helper, during the nine months when I was pregnant.

The most major happening of the year was welcoming our new addition - Vera, into our family ! The greatest joy we could ever have !

Bid goodbye to my former team in IMH in December with a compensation back to the company under unforeseen circumstances, as Vera decided to go  on bottle strike until since she was 2 months old until now that she is 5 months old !

Job Club Team

Gonna miss yakking with these wonderful ladies from MSW
But I knew my decision is worth it though yes, it's super, uber, tiring to me. (Deeply salute those who are looking after three or more kids), probably some of you out there can handle it better than  me !

Days without a helper and no additional help, looking after the two kids by myself in the day, basic house chores like keeping the house tidy at least, seems so impossible these  days ! I am trying hard to improve my efficiency. Count my blessings for having a supportive hubby. Yes, I'm not expressive and do not like to put these words on my mouth to tell him straight in the face. But am truly thankful to him for helping me out in the chores and kids whenever he can. In fact, he does the chores better than me.

Conclusion, we will try to make sure Xav takes on what his daddy is doing in helping mummy out (to be a good husband next time) and make sure Vera finds a husband who is like her daddy who takes care of her just like how I'm being taken care and loved for.

To hubby: Now you know why I took this photo if you are reading this post

For blogging "achievement", I have finally created my first linky party on "Chinese Fun" every first week of the month to share the resources I used to teach Xav. Thanks to a fellow mom blogger who guided me in creating my own logo.

As well as created a Fans Page for Xavvy-licious on Facebook as well as learning how to use Instagram ! How exciting !!

I regained a friendship which was lost 2 years ago due to a don't know what happened misunderstanding. I'm really happy to have find back the friendship. Thank you to the friend who had the courage to clear it up with me and of course during the course of sending Xav to holiday programmes, I met and made friends with some very nice mummies !

My new year resolutions :

- Better time management !Source for more time to source and prepare creative learning resource like before for both Xav and Vera. (Time to bring out my laminating machine and binder) , more PLAY time with both of them.

- Get my own blog domain.

- Scream LESS, keep COOL more often and be more PATIENT with Xav.

- To BLOG more, COOK more, CRAFT more, BAKE more, SEW more and if I can SLEEP more !

- To be more active on my own page on D'sail Creation for customization of wedding cards, ang pow holders, party banners as well as cupcake liners and toppers. Do support ya !

- To put my plans of running kids' workshops from home into action SOON.

- Everyone around me to be in their pink of health, surrounded by joy and happiness always !

This mark the last post for the year 2013 ! What are your New year resolutions ?  Jot them down and hope you can work towards them like how I am going to start working towards to mine.

The Chuas wish all a Happy 2014 !!

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