Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chinese Theatre Holiday Camp - Activity for "SCHOOL OUT" Day 8 - 12

Second week of the school holidays, Xav went for something different this time round ! Infact, I was quite worried that he may have difficulty surviving through the whole of the 5 days ! I actually signed him up for a Chinese Theatre Holiday Camp "Snow White with a Sneeze", with Apple Pie, organised by Alicia.

Day 1 - Food Art (Dwarf Bread)
Day 2 - Ham roll

Day 3 - Mousey !
On the fifth day of the camp, the children put up a half an hour sketch for the parents on what they have been rehearsing during the past five days.

On the whole, the teachers feedbacks were pretty positive, he has no difficulties understanding what was going on and he enjoyed the workshop and was very confident during the performance. The kids put up a  good show ! Well done !!

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