Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back to the Old School Days - Activity for "SCHOOL OUT" Day 15

If you remember this simple game which was played mostly when our classes were being taken over by relief teachers. They would think of a super, duper long word and wrote it on the blackboard and got us to think and form as many words as we could. Not sure how many of you actually did this, but definitely I did and remembered.

Stash away that Ipad and Smart Phone and just using a piece of paper and a pencil would do. Randomly, I got Xav to flip through one of the book and look for a long word. He chose this "Mysterious" and this was what he came out with.

I aided him in spelling some of the words which he knew but can't figure out how to spell.

A simple game and we had fun forming new words and this simple game helped to build up their vocabulary bank as well !

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